1234636Maps TPS Activity

Maps and Grids Think/Pair/Share Activity
Directions: Read pages 8-11 (Sections 1.3 and 1.4) of Contemporary Human Geography to answer the following
questions to the best of your ability. After 20 minutes you will find a partner and review your answers with them for 10
minutes. We will correct your answers after that time is finished.
What do we call a flat depiction of the Earth’s surface that is a scale model of all or a portion of the
2. The science of making maps is known as__________________________________.
3. People who make maps must make two decisions - they are:
4. Map ______________ determines how much of the Earth’s surface is being shown. There are 3 ways this is shown:
5. Circle which map would generally show the largest scale ---- A map of Forest Lake or A map of North America.
6. Different views of the world or the scientific method of transferring locations from the Earth’s surface to a flat map is
known as __________________________________________.
7. Because the world is nearly round, once you transfer that view to a flat surface ___________________________
occurs. It exists in four main types:
8. The system of imaginary lines around the Earth’s surface is known as _______________________________________.
9. This system is made up of __________________________ which is also known as parallels and _______________
which is also known as meridians.
10. The 0 degree line for parallels is called the ______________________________ and parallels terminate at the
_____________________________________ which are located at 90 degrees north and south latitude.
11. The 0 degree line of longitude is known as the _______________________ meridian. Longitude ranges from 0
degrees to _____________________180 degrees.
12. To be more precise in determining location, latitude and longitude can be narrowed down more precisely by
dividing each degree into 60 _______________________ and each of these can be broken into 60__________________.
13. Which grid lines were scientifically-derived ---- Latitude or Longitude. (Circle One) This is based on the Earth’s
_____________________and it’s __________________________________.
14. Explain why the Prime Meridian is located where it is
15. Circle which lines are most important in measuring time ----- Latitude or Longitude?
16. How many degrees of longitude are in a time zone?_______________________________ Explain why below.
17. How many time zones are in the continental US?________________ Name them.
18. In addition to these there are __________ more time zones in the US to encompass Alaska and Hawaii.
19. What is the name of the master reference time for all points on Earth?__________________________________
20. What special line is located along 180 degrees longitude?____________________________________ Explain it’s
significance and why it does not run in a straight line below.
By looking at this map, answer the following questions:
21. Which time zone sees the sunrise first?____________________________________________________
22. If it is 2 am Wednesday in New York, what time and day is it in Los Angeles, CA?_______________________
23. It is 3 pm here in Forest Lake, what time is it in Miami, FL?
24. What time zone in all of the United States sees the last sunset of the day?____________________________
25. If it is 11 am in Seattle, WA what time is it in Dallas, TX?___________________________________________