Eastman Scholar Mathletes* Lesson Plan

Eastman Scholar Mathletes’ Lesson Plan Expectations
 Every participant must submit a lesson plan using the template
 Lesson plans must be completed individually.
 Participants must submit one hard copy to the professor and one
electronic copy submitted to their professor per their instructions
for publication on the wikispace.
 All lesson plans must be original and any resources used cited
 Each lesson plan should include a one page cover sheet containing
the following, in this format:
Title of Lesson
Teacher Name
School District
Grade Level/Class
 All subsequent pages will contain the actual lesson plan.
 There should be NO IDENTIFYING factors within the body of the
lesson plan (i.e. school information, Title I status, system
information, etc.)
Hard Copy Due Date: Tuesday morning, July 19th, 9:00 AM
Electronic Copy Due Date: Friday morning, July 22nd,9:00 AM
One iPad2 per class will be awarded on Friday, July 22nd.
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