Kindergarten Switch / Microsoft Word document

Dear Parents,
This letter is to remind you of some calendar dates that impact our kindergarten
classes. As stated on the calendar, in order to achieve equity in instructional time,
the first five day of Early Release (Sept-Feb) AM students attended school and
PM students had no school. For the final five early Release Days (March
through June) PM students will attend kindergarten in the morning and AM
students will have no school.
The five dates are as follows:
March 19
April 3
April 15
May 21
Last Day of School
Important Considerations:
o AM children who do not attend Extended Day will be expected to
stay home from school those five mornings
o PM students should attend school in the morning and arrive by car
or neighborhood bus. Dee Bus will expect to pick these students up
at the neighborhood bus stop with the rest of the school population
o If your child attends Extended Day on the Early Release Day, the
impact is minimal and the day will be much like a regular Early
Release Day with dismissal at 12:20 p.m.
o Lunch will not be served on those days, so an extra or substantial
snack would be a wise idea
o There will be no mid-day buses those days. All K students will go
to school and go home on neighborhood buses at 12:20 with the rest
of the school population
Thank you for your attention to this schedule change. Should you have any
further questions please contact the school office.
Warm regards,
Donna Pobuk