Audience Profile Worksheet

advertisement Audience Profile Worksheet
1. What age ranges and genders are most likely to respond to your website/brand/products?
Age range(s):
2. Is your website more likely to be visited by (or your service more likely to be purchased by) someone of a
certain income level? Education level? Neighborhood?
3. What key characteristics define your ideal customer in terms of family status (married, children, etc.) and
other preferences (religion, job, culture)?
4. What are some key drivers of your target reader/consumer (wealth, career success, happy children,
healthy lifestyle, society’s approval, fashionable wardrobe, helpful technology)?
5. What is likely to delight or upset your customer based on his/her preferences, moral system and outlook
on the world?
6. How is your ideal customer likely to find out about your website and products? (Examples: neighborhood
word of mouth, social media such as Facebook, an Internet search, driving by your store, coupons left at
your local coffee shop.)
7. What is the general personality of your target customer? Jolly, carefree, serious, moody?
8. What offers would most likely attract your client? Does he/she respond to high-quality and expensive
items that will last a long time or products or services that will do the trick for a short time?
9. What additional people or situations will influence your customer’s buying decision? A spouse, a boss
who has the final say, the client’s current weight or health, the day of the week?
10. What words or concepts is your ideal customer likely to respond to? Peace, security, certain global
initiatives, children, more free time, increased energy level, more money during hard times, cutting edge
technology that will make their friends jealous?