middle ages knights maggie tolkach

Middle Ages: Knights
Maggie Tolkach
Period 2
The knights of the Middle Ages had many jobs to do to serve their people and treat
them right. They had to make sure townsman we doing what they were supposed to do. They
would take part in jousting tournaments to practice for battles. They were supposed to always
live the act of chivalry, meaning they would always be kind and put others first. The knights
would die in battle for their lord in an act of chivalry. Few knights always lived by chivalry, most
were just vain and wanted to be rich. They fought in battles to prove that their lady was
beautiful, sometimes to get her money or land that her father promised the knight. The knights
fought for their village to prove their chivalry and that they were loyal knights of the Middle
Ages. The knights had many important jobs to maintain the village in the Middle Ages.