Freak the Mighty Web Challenge

Freak the Mighty
Section 1: About the Author
Rodman Philbrick has written several novels and is a successful author. Click here to visit his website and
answer the following questions:
1. What inspired Mr. Philbrick to write Freak the Mighty?
2. What are the titles of three other books written by Mr. Philbrick?
Now, Google Rodman Philbrick and find out the following information:
1. What year was he born?
2. What city was he born in?
3. What award did he win for Freak the Mighty?
Section 2: Quests and Chivalry
Freak talks a lot about knights and their noble quests and acts of chivalry. He gets these ideas from
legends and stories about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In this Quest, you will be
reading about these legends to build your background knowledge before starting the novel.
First, click here to visit
1. Write your own definition of what the term “chivalry” means.
2. Give three examples of how someone might act in a “chivalrous” way.
Visit this website to learn about the Legend of King Arthur to answer the following questions.
1. What task did Arthur have to complete to become King?
2. Who is Guinevere?
3. What was the name King Arthur’s castle?
The story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table are well known. Many knights were featured
in the tale although most people remember the main characters - Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad. King
Arthur is the figure at the heart of the Arthurian legends but the Knights of the Round Table play an
important part in the story. The legend revolves around the Code of Chivalry followed by the Knights of
the Round Table - Honor, Honesty, Valor and Loyalty. The Knights of the Round Table were ' Brothers in
Arms'. The significance of the Round Table is that no one person, not even the King, should sit at the
head of such a table. A round table enforced the concept of equality - completely at odds with the
concept of the Feudal System. (source:
1. What is the Code of Chivalry?
2. What is the significance of the round table?
Section : Ornithopter
Kevin’s ornithopter proves that he likes science experiments. View this short video of an
ornithopter and record 3 observations about this mechanical bird.