More from yesterday Video Bayeux Tapestry
Norman Invasion brought Feudalism
Battle of Hastings 1066
Bayeux Tapestry-designed to illustrate William Duke of Normandy becoming William the Conqueror King
of England
Many stories going through the long tapestry, which extended around the classroom
Looking at tapestry, designed because so many could not read
William conquers and builds a giant castle-which he builds with big windows, and chalks it white, it
shows no fear due to the big windows- (our current White Castles are named after this castle)
In the 19th Century, anything from Middle Ages was viewed as backwards.
Transylvania-“across the woods” trans= across; Sylvania= woods;
Vlad the Impaler-would impale people on poles, and the soldiers would hide behind the impaled people
and it scared off the others
In the later 1800s we see people liking the Middle Ages again-people started writing fairy tales to bring
back the Middle Ages & building castles to mimic.
St Patricks Cathedral, and the old Madison Library were based on a medieval model (revival)
Look at Disney castles
The prison museum in Philadelphia- Eastern State Penitentiary-built by Quakers-each got their own cell,
clean, the only voice you would hear was yours and God’s.-it became cruel even though it was not
intended to be-built to look scary and deter people-today it’s’ a museum & haunted house

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