curriculum letter

Over this term your children will be looking at the topic
of Sound.
 They will be studying the ear, outside and
 They will be finding out how sound travels,
using the air particles and vibrations.
 They will investigate which materials block out
the sound best.
 They will learn about pitch.
Your child will be learning about the Vikings.
 Where they came from and why they came to
Great Britain.
 They will learn about the attack on Lindisfarne.
 Their way of life, clothing, food and activities.
 Also their weaponry, boats and attacks.
Art and Design
Your children will study the Bayeux Tapestry as an
example of narrative art work.
Your children will work in small groups to create a
Tapestry of their own, showing scenes from stories
they have read or about their own lives.
This term your children will concentrate on the formal
written methods of maths:
 The vertical method of addition and
 The grid method for multiplication.
 The bus stop method for division.
Year 4 Curriculum Letter
In Year 4 we follow the New National Curriculum 2014.
They will also continue learning their times tables and
discover the link between factors and multiples.
Don’t forget your child also needs a PE. They will be
doing PE twice a week – Mondays and Thurdsays!
This term your children will be looking at stories from
the past – Alfred the Great, Beowulf, How to Train
your Dragon and the Anglo Saxon warrior Weland.
These stories will allow children to cover the Year 4
objectives around the narrative topic: using rich
vocabulary to describe settings, characters and to
understand and develop the plot of a story.
They will also learn how to use paragraphs correctly,
fronted adverbials and conjunctions.
Please encourage your child to do their homework each
week and read as often as is possible. Remember that
if your child reads 30 times then they will be going to
the cinemas as their reward!!!!! So keep Reading!!!!!!
They will also learn about co-ordinates in the first
quadrant and translations.
Your children will look at the physical and human
features of Iceland. They will look at dramatic
landscapes such as the Fjords in Norway and the
volcanoes in Iceland.
Your children will look at the instruments the Vikings
would have played and then compose music inspired by
the story Beowulf.