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Summer 2015
Breathe Easy takes steps into summer
For Breathe Easy week this year, many groups rose to the challenge of holding a
sponsored walk.
These walks raised money for the BLF, as well as raising awareness that feeling
out of breath unexpectedly is something you should check out with your GP.
As part of our ‘Take Steps’ campaign, groups held walks throughout June. BE
Basildon walked in Lake Meadows and BE Newham stepped out in Royal Victoria
BE Barnsley members are aiming to take over one million steps – the equivalent of
walking to John O’Groats and back – by wearing pedometers in the summer
Others held events to raise awareness of the week’s breathlessness theme. Around
the country BE Bromley raised an amazing £600 in one day at their local hospital;
BE Canterbury joined in a fun day at the beach; BE Tewkesbury went to the
Country Market and BE Bath raised nearly £700.
Do let us know how BE week in 2016 can be even better. Get in touch with your
group support officer with your ideas.
Keeping in touch with our researchers
Ian, our head of research, reports on our first annual conference for our lung
In the past 30 years, we’ve invested £24million into lung disease research. We aim
to make sure people with lung disease are diagnosed earlier and treated better,
and that fewer people develop lung problems in the first place.
We’ve supported scientists across the UK, many of whom have a world-class
reputation. But for a long time our relationship with our researchers ended as
soon as their project was finished.
We didn’t think this was right, so we’ve launched an alumni scheme – a club for
people who have had a research grant from us. The idea is to keep in touch and
get together every year. In March, 70 hugely talented scientists came to our first
conference at Imperial College London.
We heard from Professor Stephen Holgate and Professor Peter Barnes, two of the
world’s 100 most influential biomedical scientists. Researchers talked about their
careers and young researchers presented scientific posters to demonstrate their
recent projects.
Everybody was really positive about their experiences. This is just the first step to
developing strong relationships to help the lung research community thrive.
Find out more at
New help to manage your COPD
Our new self-management plan and exercise handbook are now available.
The plan costs £6 and is packed with tips on lots of topics from people living with
COPD and health care professionals.
The handbook, £5, has exercises to help you keep active and ways to record your
A COPD pack – a copy of each – costs £9.
Go to or call 03000 030 555 to order.
A BLF nurse changed my life
Malcolm says a BLF nurse gave him hope to manage his COPD.
I first noticed something wasn’t right when my breathing became laboured when I
Last year it was confirmed as COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. I
couldn’t climb stairs or manage a shower without taking a rest.
The care from my local GP didn’t seem to help. Despite medication, my lung
function got worse, so I asked to see a specialist.
Meeting Nicky, the local lung specialist and a BLF nurse, was eye-opening. She
examined me, changed my medication and gave me a good talking to.
She gave me information and positive actions to manage my condition. She
monitored my progress before discharging me with tools and knowledge to look
forward with hope.
With Nicky’s advice, my wife’s encouragement and my hard work, I’m now 60lbs
lighter and can walk five miles without resting. To me, that’s miraculous. In
September I will take part in the Great North Run. I’ll be joining 60,000 people for
this big challenge. I want to raise money for the BLF as an extra thank you to
Nicky. She shows there is hope for people like me.
Find out more at
Look after your lungs in hot weather
Our helpline nurse, Vicky, shares top tips for enjoying the summer.
Here’s my quick guide to help you stay well over the coming months.
 Avoid the heat: stay out of the sun and don’t go outside between 11am and
3pm. Plan your day to be active when it’s cooler.
 Take a bag of essentials such as your medication, plenty of water and a fan.
Try using a handheld fan if you feel short of breath: let the cool air blow
towards the middle of your face.
 Reduce strenuous activity. Do housework and gardening when it’s cooler.
The benefits of exercise are great if you have a lung condition, so exercise
indoors in the cool instead.
 Drink cold water regularly even if you do not feel thirsty.
 Eat as normal to replace salt losses from sweating. Eat more cold foods, such
as salads and fruit, as they contain lots of water.
 Keep your house cool. Closing blinds or curtains can help.
 Take cool baths or showers or splash yourself with cold water.
 Check pollution and pollen levels and avoid areas of high pollution, such as
near busy roads.
For advice and support, call our helpline on 03000 030 555
Ready for a BLF Big Breakfast
Could your Breathe Easy group get involved in our Big Breakfast by turning your
November meeting into a Big Breakfast event?
We are asking our supporters across the UK to organise a tasty breakfast
fundraiser to support our vital work. It’s a fun way to get together with friends
and family and enjoy delicious food in the name of a great cause.
Last year Breathe Easy Nottingham West arranged a Big Breakfast at their local
pub. The pub donated 20% from every breakfast sold and they raised nearly £100.
If you’re inspired, call 020 7988 5615 or email [email protected] to ask for a
fundraising pack.
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