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Trinity Laban Moodle Student User Guide
This document is a quick guide to help all new and existing Trinity Laban students
become more familiar with the Trinity Laban Moodle site which is a Virtual Learning
Environment (VLE) and is used for students to access learning and teaching materials
for each of their course studies while at Trinity Laban.
The site can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection, which allows
students to access course materials in their own time from off-site. Teaching staff will be
able to set assignments or pieces of coursework for students and upload them to the
site, in which students can respond by uploading their completed pieces of work for
submission with the site as well.
Using Moodle as well, course grades can be made available online. This is a very safe
practice and only students and their tutors can view students own individual marks and
this practice is already used safely at many other institutions across the UK.
To get started with the Trinity Laban Moodle site please follow the instructions below.
Accessing your modules in Moodle
1. Open
your internet browser of choice and type in the web address This will open the Trinity Laban Moodle home page
as below:
Click on the login link
here to log into the
2. Click on the login link on the top-right hand corner of the home page and enter your
usual Trinity Laban IT user name and password to log into the site. You do not
need to create a new account as the site uses already existing IT accounts for Trinity
Laban students. An example of how the login page looks is as follows:
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Trinity Laban IT Dept
You should use your existing
Trinity Laban user name and
password to log in with.
3. If this is the first time you have logged into the Moodle page, you will need to enrol in
the Modules you are studying for the current Academic Year, although for some
Modules your tutor or the Registry department may have already assigned you as a
student for the necessary Modules. You will notice the following course structure if
you scroll slightly down the Moodle home page once you are logged in:
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Trinity Laban IT Dept
Please note all Laban courses and modules are under the Moodle category ‘Dance
Faculty Programmes’ while all Trinity courses and modules can be found under the
‘Music Faculty Programmes’. Browse to your year or programme of study and
click on the link to enter the course.
4. Once you have entered your correct course, you will then see a breakdown of the
modules available for that course as shown in the image below:
Course Title
When you click into your required module you will then be prompted whether or not
you would like to enrol as a member of the module (or ‘course’ in Moodle terms).
Provided the module has previously been set as enrollable for students by the tutor
of the module you will then be able to view any teaching material or content made
available for that module. If the module is not set to enrollable due to confidential
information within it you will keep being presented with the screen below.
Select ‘Yes’ to enrol on the
current module
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Trinity Laban IT Dept
If you feel you need access to a course or module or but are unable to enrol on it,
please email [email protected] and we can enable access to the appropriate
courses and modules on your behalf.
5. After you have enrolled on the necessary course modules, you should notice the
next time you log into the Trinity Laban Moodle site that these modules should now
be available as ‘quick-links’ on the right-hand side of the site under the login link as
illustrated below:
Note these ‘quick-links’
become available from
the Moodle homepage
for any courses you are
currently enrolled on for
the Moodle site
Accessing your personal timetable from Moodle
One of the other benefits of the Trinity Laban Moodle site is that all students will now be
able to access their own personal timetable from the site online, which saves any
necessity to carry around a paper-based copy or have a copy saved in some random
email in your Trinity Laban mailbox. Also, as the timetable is linked directly to the
Moodle site, any changes made to it will be updated automatically for the Moodle site, so
the latest version of the Timetable is always available for students online. The following
instructions explain how to access your personal timetable via Moodle:
1. If this is the first time you have attempted to access your timetable using the Moodle
site, you will first need to enrol on the ‘Trinity Laban Timetables’ course which can
be found at the very bottom of the courses list from the Moodle home-page (you may
need to scroll down the page in order to find the link for this).
Click on the course link for ‘Trinity Laban Timetables’ and then within that click on
the module link ‘Trinity Laban Timetables’ to display the correct page.
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2. On the ‘Trinity Laban Timetables’ module, click on the ‘Trinity Celcat Timetables’ link
and this will open the Celcat Timetabler web front-end as shown below:
Select the Laban
timetable from here
Select the Trinity
timetable from here
Enter your IT user
name and password
3. To log into Celcat first select the correct timetable for the current academic year.
For Trinity students the timetable is called ‘SRTT1112’ while for Laban students the
timetable is called ‘LabanSRTT1112’. After selecting either of these, enter your
usual IT network user name and password to login.
4. Once you have successfully logged in, you can then search for your own personal
timetable, by first selecting the ‘Students’ tab at the top of the following screen:
Select the
Students tab
from here
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Type in your
Surname here
then click on
the Search
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5. Using the search field in the top right-hand corner of the screen above, type in your
Surname in order to find your own personal timetable. A list of matching records
with the same surname will appear on the left, so you can select your record. To
view your personal timetable click on the button as indicated below and this will
display your current timetable details as also shown below:
Select your name
from the matching
records on the left
and your personal
timetable will then
be displayed in the
main grid
How to submit coursework online
Another advantage of the Trinity Laban Moodle site is that coursework assignments can
now be set online allowing students to submit their written work online for the
assignment and receive their grades securely online too.
A lot of students maybe concerned that once their pieces of work have been submitted
online that other students may be able to view their submitted work or received grades
online too however, as online grading is an integral part of Moodle, you can be assured it
is a secure and safe practice and other HE institutions are already using Moodle in the
same manner to do this safely and securely.
The following steps explain this process in more detail:
1. Login to Moodle and browse to the course module where your assignment has
previously been set. Click on the assignment title itself and this will open the
assignment’s online submission page as per the following screenshot:
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Trinity Laban IT Dept
Read the ‘Submission
Criteria’ and ‘Assignment
Submission Declaration’
before submitting any
Select your
piece of work
from submission
from here
2. Once you have read the ‘Submission Criteria’ and the ‘Assignment Submission
Declaration’, click on the Browse... button and select the file that you wish to
upload for the assignment.
Please note that files will not be uploaded correctly to the site if they are more
than 10MB in size and also that the preferred format for submitted files are Word
files (either .doc or .docx format) or Adobe Reader files (.pdf format). Any other
file types submitted may not be supported by the IT network, and may result in
the submitted file being rejected by the site or the tutor of the Module.
3. Once you have selected your file, click on the ‘Upload this file’ button, you will
then see the submitted file name appear on screen. Click on the ‘Send for
Marking’ button and then select ‘Yes’ as a final confirmation to submit the file for
The submitted file
appears here
Click here to
submit the file for
Final Marking
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Trinity Laban IT Dept
How to check coursework grades online
Once submitted pieces of work have been marked and graded by the assessing tutor, it
is also possible for students to obtain their grades online via Moodle. Depending on how
the tutor has marked the online assignments, you may receive an email directly from
your tutor once the grades have become available online, otherwise your tutor should
advise you of when these are available. To check your grades for coursework please do
the following:
1. Log into Moodle and open the module for the graded piece of work. On the lefthand side you will see an ‘Activities’ frame with an ‘Assignments’ link in it. Click
on the link and you will then be presented with a list of assignments for that
current module:
Select the ‘Assignments’ link from
the frame on the left for the current
Click on the
assignment title you
wish to obtain your
grade from
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Trinity Laban IT Dept
2. Upon clicking on the assignment title, you will then be presented with any
feedback comments provided by your tutor alongside the grade you received for
the assignment. Again only the currently logged in student has access to this
personal information on Moodle and it cannot be viewed by other students on
Moodle when they are logged in, they can only view their own grades.
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Trinity Laban Moodle Student User Guide