…would your child like to travel to next?
*June 2013 – Costa Rica
*June 2015 – Hawaii
*June 2017 - ???
*Tomorrow onwards you will see a link on moodle to a
“Where next?” Travel Survey
*Discuss the following options with your family and go to
the survey to tell us where your children (and you) may be
interested in going.
*These trips are incredible, once in a lifetime, learning
opportunities that your child will never forget.
*Further away destinations cost more but are also more
*The more advance planning we have the lower the prices
we can lock in with our travel company, and the lower the
monthly payments are for you, so we are thinking WAY
* ~$2600 for 7 days
* Visit ancient ruins
* Jungle hike, Monkey sancuturary, Belize Zoo
* Snorkelling, cave tubing and canopy tour
* ~$3100 for 9 days
* Equatorial line, volcano walk, snorkeling
* Sea lions, giant tortoises, iguanas, and other unique wildlife
* Natural History Museum, Government Palace, Darwin
Research Station
* ~$4200 for 10 days
* Temples and shrines in Tokoyo and Kyoto
* An night in a traditional ryokan and a ride on the bullet train
* Hiroshima and the Peace Memorial Museum
* Visit Mt. Fuji and Mt. Komagatake volcanoes, and Arashiyama
Bamboo Forest
* Nijo and Odawara castles
* ~$4300 for 12 days
* Sydney Zoo, Wildlife Park, Maori Village
* Sydney Opera House, Auckland, Fiji
* Whaka geothermal area, Agrodome, walking tour of the Rocks,
National Opal Collection
*If you have any questions or would like more
info, please contact Mrs. Olson at
[email protected]
*Be on the lookout for the Travel Survey link
on moodle and go on and rank the potential
trips in order of preference.
*Once the destination for the 2017 trip has
been decided and approved there will be
announcements on wmds and in the school
bulletin for sign-ups