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I can recognize that extinction is common and explain why it happens.

Extinction Notes Video



Extinction: is when a ___________________________________________________________________________ What causes extinction?_________________________________________________________________________ 3.

What proof do we have that extinction has taken place in the past?______________________________________ 4.

What do we call organisms that are near extinction? a.

Extinctual Organisms b. Endangered Species c. Evolutionary Organisms d. Fossils

Endangered Animal Game

Directions: Play the game and answer the questions listed below as you answer them.


Burrowing owls surround their homes with poop to: 2.


attract bugs b. hide their scent Poachers mainly hunt rhinos for their: c. impress other owls. 3.


horns b. Feathers c. Skins African wild dogs are among the best _____________________ in the animal kingdom. 4.


climbers b. Jumpers c. Hunters d. Dancers The Chinese river dolphin is endangered because of a.

Poaching b. invasive species c. pollution 5.


Gorillas have no natural predators. True or False In 1983 there were only _________________________ California Condors left in the wild. 7.


3 b. 30 c. 3000 Golden Lion Tamarins love to sleep in: a.

Hot air balloons b. nests of leaves c. holes in trees



All extinction happens because of human activities. True or False Like many large mammals tigers are mainly endangered because of__________________________________ 10.

One third of the animal species on the Earth live in the Amazon Rainforest. True or False 11.

Like many island animals, the Amsterdam Albatross is endangered because of _____________________________ 12.

Global warming doesn’t affect coral reefs because the live underwater. True or False 13.

Coral reefs are called, “Rainforests of the Sea”, because their__________________________________________

100 Heartbeats the Mass Extinction of Wildlife



What has caused the shark populations to decrease?____________________________________ In the next year, how many species are predicted to go extinct? ________________________________ 3.


What is causing orangutans to be come endangered? ________________________________________________ Where is the Red Wolf being found again? a.

Minnesota b. Arizona b. North Carolina c. North Dakota