St. Paul PTO Meeting
Thursday, September 10, 2015
Attendees: Kimberly Hines, Rose Kanten, Kimberly Knippa, Jamie Lavas, Brian Lynch, Heather Lynch, Nisa
Stevens, Melanie Thompson, Aurora Wold-Krogmann.
Sportsman’s Raffle / Family Fun Night
 Raffle Tickets. Please return any unsold tickets by Thursday 9/17 so they can be re-distributed.
Tickets will be sold after service at St. Paul Church on Sunday 9/20. Please return all money and
sold tickets by Wednesday 9/23. Melanie will bring a ticket spinner/dispenser, and Coach Lopez
will call out the winning tickets from smallest prize to largest prize.
 Dinner. We will be serving a spaghetti dinner with cash donations taken at the food line. Aurora
will provide the spaghetti sauce and meat and will get the cooking started. Kimberly Hines will
work with Chicken Express to provide drinks and cups. Each student will be responsible for
providing the following items:
o Pre-K: sturdy plates, napkins, plasticware (bring to school by Thursday 9/24)
o Kindergarten: salad and dressing
o 1st and 2nd grades: bread
o 3rd and 4th grades: dessert
o 5th – 7th grades: three pounds of uncooked spaghetti per student (bring to school by
Thursday 9/24)
 Games. After dinner, the wheel of fortune / cake walk, fishing game, and bean bag toss will be
available for the younger kids for 25c a ticket. Coach Lopez can keep the older kids entertained
with some games as well.
 Auction. Mrs. Stevens will be asking for donations for the silent ticket raffle (i.e., unwanted
items you have that are in good condition, such as a toy or picture frame). You can purchase a
50c ticket to place in the jars next to the items you want.
*Many volunteers will be needed for this event: setup, cooking, serving, games, cleanup. Please be
sure to invite family members and friends.
Teacher Stipend Fund
This will be an ongoing fund that anyone can donate to at any time. We will specifically target
the first Friday of each month as a day for the kids to bring loose change or bills from home to donate to
the fund. Jamie will share this idea with the students during chapel on 9/29 so they can be ready to
participate on 10/2.
1. It was suggested that the PTO should have its own bank account for the purpose of tracking
income and expenditures. This would provide an accounting record for future PTO participants
to use as a guideline as well. Jamie will present this suggestion to the school board at their next
2. We would like to establish a designated contact person for each classroom who will be
responsible for reminding the other parents in their class about needs and events. Several
names were suggested.
3. We may bring back selling ice-cream sandwiches to the students each Friday for $1 as an easy
way to raise additional funds. Mrs. Stevens will check with the teachers as to the best time of
day to do this.
4. Mrs. Stevens is working on a program with Compass Bank wherein they would donate to the
school each time a parent opened an account and/or used their debit card. It was suggested
that we contact a local bank such as City National to see if they would be interested as well.
Upcoming Events
 Thursday, September 17 – School Board Meeting at 6:45 pm. Jamie Lavas will attend.
 Friday, September 25 – Sportsman’s Raffle / Family Fun Night 6:00 – 8:00 pm.
 Sunday, September 27 – School family welcome to attend service at St. Paul Church at 9:15 am
with reception afterward.
 Tuesday, September 29 – Bratwurst dinner (5:00 – 6:30 pm) with entertainment by the Walberg
 Wednesday, October 7 – Firefighters will visit during Fire Prevention Week.
Next PTO Meeting: Thursday, October 15

St. Paul PTO Meeting Thursday, September 10, 2015 Attendees