Anne Frank Act II Study Guide
Recommended Study of:
- Vocabulary words
- Reader Response Journals scenes 1-5
Act II, scene i
1. What does Anne mean when she says, “Mr. Kraler is in the hospital. It seems he has ulcers. Pim says we are his
2. How much time has passed?
3. Describe the characters at this point in the play. What has happened to their relationships?
4. Explain the significance of the following: the cake incident, the cat, the fur coat, Carl the blackmailer.
5. What does Peter admire about Anne?
Act II, scene ii
6. What does each Anne and Peter do to get ready for their “date”?
7. Describe Anne and Peter’s date.
8. How has Anne and Peters relationship developed (how have their feelings changed for each other)?
9. How do the other characters feel about Anne and Peter’s relationship?
Act II, scene iii
10. What is Mr. Van Daan caught doing at the opening of this scene? How does Mrs. Frank react?
11. How has Mrs. Frank changed from the beginning of the play?
12. Mrs. Frank finally does stand up to the Van Daan’s. Ironically, Anne doesn’t approve. Why?
13. What good news does Miep bring?
14. Who feels ashamed about this news? Why do they feel ashamed?
15. What is everyone worried about at the end of this scene (as expressed in Anne’s diary excerpt)?
Act II, scene iv
16. What is Dussel’s theory about the ringing telephone?
17. What does Anne mean when she tells Peter, I think myself out?
18. What are the differences between Peter and Anne’s outlook on life?
19. What feelings does Anne’s last diary entry evoke?
20. What date were the people in hiding discovered?
21. Describe the events of Act II, Scene 4.
22. What does the following quote mean? “For the past two years we have lived in fear. Now we can live in hope.”
Act II, scene v
23. How does he describe Anne in the first concentration camp?
24. Mr. Frank tells Miep and Mr. Kraler what happened after they were discovered by the Nazis. Summarize what he
tells them.
25. Why do you think Mr. Frank says “she puts me to shame,” in response to Anne’s famous quotation? What does he
mean? Explain.

Anne Frank Act II Study Guide