Self-Evaluation and Checklist for Essay #2

Self-Evaluation and Checklist for Essay
My last paper had the following problem areas:
In this paper I have looked carefully over these specific areas and have improved them in
the following manner:
_____ The introductory paragraph unequivocally states the thesis of the paper, which is
the following: ____________________________________________________________
_____ Several categories clearly back up this claim (add more if necessary):
a) _____________________________________________________________________
b) _____________________________________________________________________
c) _____________________________________________________________________
_____ Body, citations, and bibliography are properly formatted.
_____ I have honestly taken the time to edit my paper to correct run-on sentences,
fragments, punctuation, and capitalization.
_____ I have made an effort to support my assertions with evidence from the text, and to
avoid conjectures and personal opinion.
_____ I have taken the time to delete needless verbiage, e.g. very, with respect to,
basically, the fact that, etc.
_____ Finally, I have reread the entire paper to check for careless errors.