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I can explain the evidence scientist use to support the theory of evolution
Evidence Supporting the Theory of Evolution
1. Fossil Record: Shows change _____________________________________.
2. Anatomical Structures: Comparing __________________________________________________.
3. Molecular Record: Comparing ____________________ and ___________________ sequences.
4. Artificial Selection: humans can ________________________________________
How do We Date Fossils?
1. Relative Dating: The deeper the fossil
2. Radioactive Dating: Scientist use the _________________ of
material left in a__________________________ substance to
determine the _________________ date of the fossil.
Anatomical Structures:
1. Homologous Structures:
 Structurally the ______________ on the inside, but have different__________________________
 Evidence of a ___________________________________________________
2. Comparative Embryology:
 Similar structures during __________________________
 Must have a _______________________________________________
Molecular Record:
Everyone uses the same ________________________________
The more similar the ___________________ the more recent the _____________________
Artificial Selection:
How do we know natural selection can change a population?
we can recreate _____________________________________
Examples include: ____________________ __________________ __________________ ________________
Lice and Evolution Video
1. Where can head lice live?________________________________________________ (1:45)
2. What do they have to drink every 24 hours?________________________________(1:45)
3. Most of what we know about human evolution comes from____________________________. (2:10)
4. What did clothing lice evolve from?_______________________________________________ (5:30)
5. What piece of evidence has help scientists determine when humans started wearing clothes? (6:30)
a. Lice DNA
b. Lice structures
c. Protein Indicators
d. Lice feces
Fossil Formation
Directions: Play the two game listed below and answer the questions regarding fossils.
Burying Bodies:
1. What are two things that can destroy a body before it can form a fossil if left in an
exposed area? _______________________ ________________________________
2. Can a fossil form by near a lava flow? Explain. _____________________________
3. Would the base of a cliff be a good location for fossil formation? Explain. ________
4. Where would be the best location for a fossil to form? _______________________________________________
Burying Bodies:
1. Which of the following is a type of fossil formed during this game?
a. Mould
B. Cast
C. Trace fossils
D. A, B, and C
2. What is one benefit of having a preserved mammoth versus a fossil of a mammoth?