Fossil Dig Activity

Fossil Dig Activity
1. Students will each have a turn to “dig” with a small shovel through the box of play sand to find a
“fossilized rock” (which is a chocolate chip cookie). Inform students not to eat the cookie.
2. Each student will take their “fossilized rock” and a napkin back to their seat to brush off the
excess sand with a “fossil brush” (small paintbrush).
3. Using a “fossil pick” (toothpick), students will pick the “fossils” (chocolate chips) out of their
“rocks” (cookies).
4. Once all students are finished, discuss as a class which types of fossils were represented in this
activity by asking students the following:
 What type of fossil was represented?
 What type of fossil do the chocolate chips picked out resemble?
 What type of fossil do the indents that remain from the chips resemble?
5. Give each student a chocolate chip cookie to eat.
6. Closure: Review all the types of fossils in a class discussion. Ask students to share any fossil
stories they have. Tell students they can search in their own backyards and neighborhoods to
find objects that have or could have become fossilized.
7. Assess by evaluating class participation and answers to the questions.