~ECHS PTSA @ Midland College~
Parent/Guardian Name _________________________________________________
Relationship to Student _________________________________________________
Email Address _________________________________________________________
Phone/Cell #
Student Name __________________________________________ Grade __________
Our PTA Board Meetings will be held the 2nd Monday of Every Month @ 6pm, all are
welcome to attend
Please  all that you would like to Volunteer for or attend
___ Pledge to donate 2hrs to our school this year ___ I can give more than 2 hrs this school year
Teacher Appreciation Fridays (Date you can bring or send a lunch dish)
___ Oct 23, 2015
___ Nov 20, 2015
___ Dec 18, 2015
___ Jan 29, 2016
___ Feb 26, 2016
___Mar 25, 2016
___ April 15, 2016 ___ May 27, 2016
Student Appreciation/Super Friday ( I can donate a listed item need by the 1st month before)
___ Oct 16: Tootsie
____ Dec 4: Skittles
___ April 1: Mints
___ May 13: Starbursts
____Jan 29: Lemon Drops
*Items donated for Teacher and Student Appreciation Snacks can be dropped off at the front office and every bag helps
Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner @ Abell Jr. High - Thursday November 17, 2015
___ Decorations
___ Gift Baskets for Give Aways
___ Make a food dish
___ We will attend
End of the Year Festival
___ Food
___ Decor
___ Donations
Types of Opportunities that I am most interested in helping with:
___ Family events
___ Fundraisers
___ One-time Projects
___ Office Help
___ Outdoor Projects ___ Teacher Appreciation
___ In- Classroom
___ Ceremonies
___ Student Mentors
The Types of Role(s) I'm Most Interested Are (Please check all that apply)
___ Chair
___ Co-Chair
___ Planning/Organizing
___Day of Event Work
Days & Times Best For Me (Please check all that apply)
___ The School Day
___ At School
___Weekday Evenings
___ After School
___ From Home
___ Weekends
Do you have a unique Talent or Skill that you'd like to share, do you work for or know an
Organization that can assist, or do you have access to a Unique Resource that may help
the school in any way?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please contact us with any questions or ideas that you may have for getting involved.
Information and Interests will be added to our Volunteer Database for Future
Recruitments. Selections do not guarantee a spot in a specific event nor does it commit
you to any particular event. Contact info will be used to solicit volunteers based on
selected roles and interests. You may still receive volunteer requests. We appreciate
your commitment to the 2hr power pledge! Let us know if you have any other ideas with
getting involved with your students! Looking forward to an awesome 2015-2016 school
ECHS Office 432-685-4641
Email Address: [email protected]

ECHS PTA Volunteer For