Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Elementary

Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Elementary-School Students
Brought to you by the National PTA®.
Give your kids these great ideas to celebrate their teachers.
Make a
of thanks.
Your children can color and cut flowers out of paper, then write
a word of thanks on each flower. Help them come up with words
that compliment and best describe their teacher. Remind them
of words that make them feel good, like:
Thank you so much!
You're great!
You taught me a lot!
You make school fun!
I'm glad you're my teacher!
Give A report card.
Your children can make their teacher a thank-you card that looks like a report card.
Include areas for "grading" such as:
Makes Class Fun
Helps Me Learn a Lot
Smiles Every Day
Grade teachers with the same phrases they use:
Great Job!
Hard Worker!
nice things.
Your children can pledge to do five things, one each day, during Teacher Appreciation
Week. Help them choose realistic activities, like:
Help my teacher put away supplies.
Clean out a classroom closet.
Draw a special picture.
What else? Only your children know.
Help them brainstorm today!