An introduction to Paper 1 AREA OF STUDY: DISCOVERY
Complete the following tasks for the first lesson back in Term 4.
Task A: Discovery Portfolio
In a display book gather the following 7 items of evidence. The texts you choose
should address more than 1 aspect of discovery so that they can provide a richer
and more meaningful analysis of the concept. Choose complex texts that are
interesting to YOU and which provide you with a variety of things to say about
the concept of discovery.
a newspaper article
a magazine feature article
a poem or a song
an image
the title of a film and a short explanation of how it relates to discovery
the title of a novel or short story and a short explanation of how it relates
to discovery
7. the title of a tv show and a short explanation of how it relates to discovery
Task B: How to answer questions and analyse texts
The acronym CATQE can help you to begin analysing texts in Paper 1. This
includes unseen texts as well as your prescribed text, Frank Hurley: The Man
Who Made History.
Concept – what idea or notion about discovery is the question or text
foregrounding. You must be specific – don’t generalise about the concept.
Agent – who is the agent of discovery? Ask yourself these three questions:
1. What does the subject of the text discover?
2. What does the composer discover?
3. What does the audience discover?
Technique – carefully choose textual evidence that will support the idea
about discovery referred to in the question/ text. Identify the language/
visual techniques in the evidence.
Quote – where possible, quote directly from the text to support the
technique you have chosen and the notion about discovery you are
Effect – What meaning is made by the composer’s choice of language/
visual technique? How might it affect the responder? How does it portray
ideas about discovery? Make sure your explanation of the textual
evidence links directly to the notion of discovery referred to in the
question/ text.
These ingredients do not have to appear in this order – just make sure they are
embedded somewhere in your answer.
Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History
View the documentary on clickview. Using CATQE, prepare some notes about
each section of the documentary. Be ready to discuss these in class on the first
day back.