CCSS - 6 Shifts in English Language Artsx

Balancing Informational and Literary Texts
Knowledge in the Disciplines
Text-based Answers
Writing from Sources
Staircase of Complexity
Academic Vocabulary
◦ At least 50% of what students read is from
informational/non-fiction text
◦ Emphasis on literacy experiences and learning from what
you read
◦ Classroom experiences deeply connected to texts involving
evidentiary arguments
◦ Writing focused on use of evidence to inform or argue
◦ Emphasis on close reading with supports and scaffolding
◦ Building student’s ability to read increasingly complex text
◦ Depth over breadth
◦ Thinking across grade levels
Procedural Skill Fluency
◦ Increased speed and accuracy
Deep Conceptual Understanding
◦ Focusing on HOW we arrive at answers through concepts
◦ Using math in a variety of settings and situations
Dual Intensity
◦ Maintaining a balance of practice and understanding