Watson and Crick’s model of the Double Helix lead to the discovery of DNA. Individuals tend ot
accomplish more when they are doing their own way, however, it is mostly unethical. Through
the scientists in psychology, one can believe that when one does experiments and things their
own way, it is mostly morally wrong.
Scientists in the multifarious fields of science have discovered discoveries, however, they
were unethical. For instance, in psychology, B.F. Skinner, known as the father of behaviorism,
conditioned a baby on the sound of a bell and a rabbit. The baby would eventually fear any white
furry object. Today, individuals regard it as unethical. The American Psychological Association
has guidelines that must be followed; therefore, when one wants to accomplish something, they
should follow the way of others or it is always considered unethical. Furthermore, in Milgram’s
study on obedience, he lied to teachers when they questioned if they are giving really shock to
the so-called “students.” After the experiment and the study was done, the teachers came out
feeling stressed out and terrified. Individuals today consider the study cruel and morally wrong.
Milgram accomplished and achieved his goal, however, today, it is considered unethical.
Henceforth, it is important to follow the guidelines.
Scientists in psychology have accomplished their goals, but today those experiments and
accomplishments are regarded as morally wrong. One must follow the set of rules established by
educated individuals or the discoveries are considered unjustified and not plausible.