Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma
One of the Ethical Dilemma’s I’ve faced at work involved around asking users for password for
me to be able to work on the issue the associate was having. If I got the password with their permission
I would be getting involved in an unethical decision to make it easier for both the people. Rather than
doing that I had the associate wait there as I fixed there issue. This caused me to dodge the unethical
Another ethical decision I faced had to do with my friend losing his wallet. He looked all over
the place for his wallet and was very frustrated. He had been looking for it for the past 5 hours and I
found it laying in my room. Rather than giving him a hard time and going through unethical behavior of
having him still search for the wallet, I told him I found it in my room right away. This eased his tension.