China Shipping Container Lines verifies vessels in the Clean Shipping Index
8 April 2013
Gothenburg/Sweden – China/Shanghai 08/04/2013
China Shipping Container Lines has had two vessels verified according to the Clean Shipping Index.
Germanischer Lloyd (GL) performed office audits and audits on board the CSCL Jupiter and CSCL Mars and
confirmed that the submitted data met the requirements of the Index. All carriers aspiring to procure
contracts from the Clean Shipping Network members are required to have a minimum of two vessels in
their fleet which have been verified according to the Clean Shipping Index.
Both the CSCL Jupiter and CSCL Mars obtained the maximum score on CO2 emissions, meaning that the
emissions are much lower than those of reference vessels of the same type.
“Clean Shipping Index is a very good gate opened to the carriers and the customers, by which we could
show our environmental measures to the customers and let them know more about us, at the same time
the customers can have reliable data from the carriers” says Ms. Lucy Wu from CSCL GM of European and
Mediterranean trade marketing division.
“Environment and development are inseparable. China Shipping insists in sustainable development. We are
devoted ourselves in continuous improvement of technology to reduce pollution and commit to our
customers that we are a reliable carrier” Says Mr. Pang Haichen from CSCL GM of Safety & Technology
“Our company spends a lot of energy and efforts in environmental protection and energy conservation.
Qualified and Sustainable service is always key element that we provide to our customers” says Ms.Keanna
Zhu, from CSCL’s European and Mediterranean trade marketing division.
“As owners and operators face an increasingly tough market, they are looking for ways to differentiate their
vessels from the competition. Investing in energy efficiency measures and technologies which reduce the
impact of their ships on the environment can not only help the bottom line, but is increasingly sought after
from both charterers and clients. Showing that the data they provide has been independently and
rigorously checked is an important demonstration of CSCL’s commitment to improving their environmental
performance and of the quality of their vessels. At GL we support owner’s efforts to make their fleets
greener and are glad we can play our part by verifying the data,” said Markus Weber, GL’s Global Head of
Greenhouse Gas Services.