Swindon and Wiltshire LPC Meeting

Swindon and Wiltshire LPC Meeting
Thursday 17th September 2015 (pm) Marlborough Golf Club, Marlborough Common, Marlborough
1. Present: Fiona Castle, Nick Jephson, Robert Townsend, Paul Hedge, Charlie Wu, Marilyn Stapleton, Chris
Shields, Andrew Hobson, John Hughes, Sian Williams (from 2.30pm), Lis Jardine (notes)
Apologies: Kaushik Patel, Will Pearce, Niamh Sands (has left the committee after job change)
Guests: Vicki Lofts (Wiltshire Council), Tim Morgan (Superdrug Pharmacy)
2. Wiltshire Sexual Health Update
General Update
Move towards self-accreditation has started – timescale early in new year.
SH nurses are happy to remind pharmacists re update of accreditation on expiry of certificates
but will no longer chase.
EllaOne being used more and well. Patients must be under 25 for reimbursement – may only
make exceptions if fully justified by circumstances of patient.
Pharmacists should explain that the follow up will be by a SH nurse.
Azithromycin - increasing evidence of treatment failure. Unclear whether failure/medicine not
taken or re-infection – patients should take this on site.
Chlamydia test supply – should be part of EHC process. VL to look in to Swindon scheme linking
condom supply and chlamydia testing. VL to enquire about larger Chlamydia test display units.
Partners who attend for treatment need to show their confirmation number.
Out of county supplies
VL happy to provide for those without a Wiltshire postcode BUT essential to write the reason in
the PO ‘notes’ box.
3. Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes were accepted as a true record
Items for redaction from publically published minutes
Action Report
At least 1 GP Practice/Group in Wiltshire has bid for practice pharmacist funds.
LPC felt it would be useful to model a pathway for joint employment/mixed role pharmacists in
practices. Different roles include face to face patient management and ‘behind the scenes’
medicines management. To discuss in October.
HSCIC confirmed they will not pay for any business continuity support.
4. Chief Officer/Chair Reports
Meeting with Gloucestershire HR Group (NJ/CS)
FC’s hours to be split 50/50 between the two LPCs.
SW will organise (Glos) appraisal for FC within a fortnight of this meeting
Discussion re shared office space; NJ offered area above St John’s Pharmacy. FC to investigate costs
of commercial office space and storage for comparison. LJ to explore possibility of spare desk at
Avon LMC office.
South West Forum
National provider company – will be for support and advice, not to hold contracts.
PSNC launching leadership academy to develop future Chief Officers etc. Recruitment will be by
invitation and application.
LPCs to provide reassurance around flu paperwork – checklist via newsletter - and encourage
pharmacists to undertake consultation skills training if not already done. Send out links for DH
posters etc.
Advice: make sure your DoC is viewable (via CPPE); notify practice of vaccinations within two days
(paper for now)
Bits and Pieces for update/discussion/comment
o Healthy Start Vitamins
We can ask pharmacies to stock, but not demand it.
o Needle Exchange and pregnant women
Risk of putting people off using the service – anonymity important. Ask pharmacists to give
advice if they happen to know the patient is pregnant, but not record it.
o Palliative Care Stocking – Wiltshire
Funding is agreed but service stalled for now
o Young Diabetics Project
Packs being given out mainly to patient representatives.
o Healthchecks
Vouchers available from FC to help with recruitment.
o Stop Smoking Swindon
PharmOutcomes will be used from 1st October. Agreed to move to DM&D Pricing.
o Think Pharmacy
LJ to create Swindon version of Glos “Your Local Pharmacy” leaflet, and keep sending out
invitations regularly.
o Flu vaccination
Eligible council employees can bring voucher via smartphone. Need to record employee
number from council ID – add field to PO service.
Any other business and close
LJ proposed moving to a fully online booking system for events, as used by Avon LPC. The
committee agreed.
2016 meeting dates: LPC agreed no meeting in February - a full day meeting in March.
Proposed dates 2016: January 21st (am); March 17th (all day); April 21st (all day); May 19th (am);
June 16th (all day); July 21st (am); Sept 15th (am); Oct 20th (all day); November 17th (am)