Health System Academy


Health System Academy Meeting at Annual Meeting

Moderator: Chris Cook, Pharm.D., Residency Program Director, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

ACPE # 0130-0000-15-105-L04-P&T | Conflict of Interest: None

Friday, November 20, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm | 1.5 hr. | Activity Type: Knowledge | Room: Deer A

Target Audience: Health Systems, Technicians, Student Pharmacists

At the completion of this program, the participant will be able to: For Pharmacists and Technicians

Discuss current trends in pharmacy practice

Propose and discuss specific issues and needs pertaining to health system practices

Update peers on state and federal legislative/regulatory issues pertaining to pharmacy

Discuss strategies to reinforce more patient-centric mission for our profession

This CE program is designed to target the needs of pharmacists, technicians, and interns working in

Health System pharmacy settings. We will discuss the current issues affecting local pharmacy practice in general as well as how these issues relate to this practice setting. Participants will be encouraged to contribute their thoughts in this active program.


Regulatory Update – PQAC Rules and Inspection update

Pharmacists as Providers Update – Roll out of SB5557

Antimicrobial Stewardship Update – DOH, WSHA and WSPA work

Shortages – what shortages are impacting you, what solutions have you implemented?

Technician utilization – how are you using techs to the full extent?

WSPA Health System Academy call for nominations o Seeking Academy Leaders and ASHP House of Delegate Representatives