Summer 2015 - Wiltshire Scrapstore

Scrappy News
Welcome to the late summer edition of our Newsletter – Scrappy
News! We’ve had a crazy time here, our Art Club has been
packed with brilliant children making fantastic creations out of
our scrap and their imaginations! With the weather being as dire
as it was, the Scrapstore has been a fantastic resource for many
families. Our traditional Treasure Hunt was well received, with lots
of children taking part.
Our friends in the Crafty Corner have been extra busy ………
A little bird told them, it is less than 100 days until Christmas! With
this in mind, they have been pulling out all the stops to get your festive
cuttings done. There have been white fluffy snowflakes and SmartCut
kits flying out all over the place!! We are happy to take orders for
snowflakes as we are aware that for many of you, these are a staple for your
festive period.
We can also make up the most fantastic scrap-boxes. This will be a box full
to the brim of all things scrapstore-ish to fire up your imagination to make
something wonderful – call us for more info, as we make them to order for
We have various Volunteer opportunities at the moment, if you have a few
hours to spare each week we would be pleased to hear from you. We are
particularly looking for people to pack and prepare our popular craft kits,
serve tea and coffee in ‘Barty’s Café’, replenishing stock in our Warehouse
and assisting in our shop in Lacock. If you have good IT knowledge, we
would especially like to hear from you as we desperately need someone to
help us with our webshop, eBay and Etsy accounts.
Wiltshire Scrapstore, Unit 5 Griffin Farm, Bowden Hill, Wiltshire, SN15 2PP
01249 730011
The warehouse staff have been busy
with donations and collections from
businesses and household.
Whilst we are very grateful to receive
your donations, there are a few things
that we don’t want. Basically it is
anything that has been used before; plastic items such as milk
bottles, margarine/ice cream tubs and stacking crisp tubes are not on our
wish list. If you are donating material, please ensure that it is bigger than the
size of a cushion so that something meaningful can be made out of it. Tiny
‘scraps’ of material don’t get used. Also, we would rather not take pictures
in frames as these are very subjective and may ‘hang-around’ here for a
long time before they are taken. This sort of thing is better off going to a
charity shop. If you have a donation and are not sure if it is something we
can use please ring us on 01249 730011 before coming in to check.
We are really pleased to be supported by The Consortium, who have kindy
donated lots of pens, pencils, paper, glue sticks and exercise books, they
have really done us proud. If you know of a company that would like to
reduce it’s landfill costs and contribute to a worthy charity, please tell them
about the Scrapstore and ask them to contact us.
Wiltshire Scrapstore, Unit 5 Griffin Farm, Bowden Hill, Wiltshire, SN15 2PP
01249 730011
Barty’s of Lacock is busy, busy, busy! We
have had lots of visitors from far and wide
coming in to buy a piece of ‘Handmade
in Lacock’ The Sewing Group and Crafty
Corner have been churning out creations
as fast as their little hands can, to enable the visitors to Lacock to
buy their souvenirs! We have sourced some fab items such as
pencil cases, Mr Men and Little Miss mugs, books and pencil
cases, Tea Ration Mugs and Teapots and Hook, Line & Sinker
Flasks and Cufflinks.
Our Make & Play and Holiday Art
Clubs were quickly booked up and
quite a few people were disappointed
not to be able to get a space. The
moral of this story is: Book ahead to
avoid not getting in!
This picture shows our wonderful Make
& Play ‘gang’ celebrating the end of
term with a picnic!
And here’s a sample of what we made at Art Club!
Scene from Frozen
One of those pesky
Wiltshire Scrapstore, Unit 5 Griffin Farm, Bowden Hill, Wiltshire, SN15 2PP
01249 730011
Are you looking for something different this year
for your child’s birthday party? Sick of finding
streamers and party detritius for weeks
afterwards? Why not let us take care of it all! For
£138, you can have a party for 15 children with a
craft activity of your choice. The party will last for an hour and a half and
every child will have made something and also be given a party bag for
them to fill up from the ‘Children’s Scrapstore’ so they can carry on the
creating at home. We can supply the food (for an additional charge). Take
a look on our website; for more information.
We have in excess of 20 PlayPods in
the various schools in Wiltshire, if you
would like your child’s school
playtime to be more ‘interactive’
ask the school to contact us.
There are many sources of funding which schools can approach to help with
the costs of setting up a play pod and our team are always happy to come
out and visit you to discuss the process and your funding options.
We are running lots of courses for both adults and children. Make and Play
for the pre-schoolers, Saturday Art Club and Half Term Art Club for the bigger
kids and educational and craft workshops for the adults. Check out all the
courses on our website; If you would like to
book onto any of these courses, please give us a call on 01249 730011 and
be prepared to pay over the telephone to secure your space.
Wiltshire Scrapstore, Unit 5 Griffin Farm, Bowden Hill, Wiltshire, SN15 2PP
01249 730011