Sample news release for an event

Sample News Release for an Event
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Name of Pharmacy to Host Open House,
Provide Free Screenings
CITY – Name of Pharmacy will host an open house in recognition of February being National Heart
Month. Name of Pharmacy wants to help community members with high blood pressure keep it under
control through proper use of their medications. The pharmacy also will be offering free blood pressure
“Early detection of high blood pressure is really important because it easily can be controlled
through medication,” said First and Last Name, credentials, title. “Although there are a number of
medications that work to regulate blood pressure, some have side effects or are not effective when
other prescriptions are being taken at the same time,” Last Name added.
“As a pharmacist, I invite members of the community to stop by for a free blood pressure check,
and I will be happy to review their medications to be sure there are no drug interactions or
duplications,” said Last Name.
(Give details of the event, including time period, date and location, including street address.)
Pharmacists have become the most highly educated and trained medication experts of any
medical professions. Today’s pharmacy graduates receive a doctor of pharmacy degree or Pharm. D. It
usually takes about four years to complete a Pharm. D. program, and required classes include
biopharmacy, medicinal chemistry, physiology, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, therapeutics and
pharmacokinetics, among others. Before entering a pharmacy program, most students complete a fouryear bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related topic. To gain clinical experience, many students
complete a residency or fellowship program, each of which lasts from one to two years.
“Pharmacists are the medication experts,” said Last Name. “Pharmacists are capable of doing so
much more than just filling prescriptions. I enjoy interacting with patients, ensuring their safety by
helping them understand how to use their medicines correctly and making sure there are no adverse
drug interactions.”
“I hope the Texas Legislature acts this session to allow pharmacists to practice at the maximum
level for which we are educated and prepared. I would like to partner with the patient’s physician to
offer medication therapy management to those who have chronic diseases such as diabetes and high
blood pressure,” Last Name said.