CAREER OPPORTUNITY The CSIR (Council for Scientific and

The CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) is a leading scientific and
technology research organisation, implementing projects throughout Africa and making a
difference in people’s lives.
Electronic / Signal Processing Engineer
About the job:
The CSIR contributes novel and ground breaking materials, composites, devices, techniques
and processes for industries such as automotive, aerospace, health, energy and the built
environment. Its world-class materials science and manufacturing professionals also play a
significant role in the scientific and technological foundations for alternative energy security
in South Africa while assisting the South African manufacturing industry to be globally
competitive in micro-manufacturing.
The Ultrasonics research group of the Sensor Science and Technology competence area of
the CSIR conducts research and development (R&D) in ultrasonic systems for sonar and
medical applications. The group requires the services of an Electronic or Computer Engineer
with three to four years’ experience in signal processing. The incumbent will be required to
implement digital signal processing algorithms on embedded and PC-based platforms.
A position exists for an Electronic / Signal Processing Engineer with particular preference
for software development including digital signal processing. The position is based in
Key responsibilities:
Conceptual design of digital signal processing (DSP) architecture with the ability to
understand and adapt existing designs.
Implementation of signal processing algorithms on DSP using C, C++.
Equipment configuration and high speed streaming of large amounts of data on an IP
Network using an Ethernet interface.
Software development in C, C++ with Linux as an operating system
Development of GUIs in Linux using QT and OpenSceneGraph or OpenGL.
Modelling with Matlab and/or Simulink and implementation in DSP.
Keep abreast of international developments in relevant areas of expertise.
Presentation of R&D results to team members and clients.
Qualifications, skills and experience:
The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in electronic/computer engineering.
A good understanding of digital and analogue circuits, interfaces and standards.
Previous experience with radar or sonar-type signal processing would be a strong
advantage, as would experience with GPU-based processing.
Ability to work independently and within a R&D team.
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Technical leadership abilities.
An output-driven work style as the position requires delivery against contractual
Ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment with clients, engineers, scientists,
project managers and technicians
Should you meet the above requirements, please go to the URL indicated below in order to
apply, select the position reference number 301322, complete the application form and
attach your CV. URL:
Closing date: 31 October 2012
Should you experience any problems in submitting your application, please contact the CSIR Recruitment Centre at Please do not submit your application to this mailbox.
The CSIR gives preference to candidates who meet the job requirements and who will add to the cultural and gender diversity of the
organisation. By applying for this position at the CSIR, the applicant understands, consents and agrees that the CSIR may solicit a credit
and criminal report from a registered credit bureau and/or SAPS (in relation to positions that require trust and honesty and/or entail the
handling of cash or finances) and may also verify the applicant’s educational qualifications and employment history. The CSIR reserves
the right not to appoint if a suitable candidate is not identified.
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