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CSIR-Tech - CSIR-NIIST Partnership
About CSIR-Tech
CSIR-Tech is a Private Limited Company founded in 2011 in response to a
recommendation of a High Powered Committee headed by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Vijay Kelkar
and approved by 174th meeting of General Body of CSIR on 11 Aug 2009. CSIR-Tech Pvt. Ltd.
has been created by the Entrepreneurship Development Centre at CSIR-NCL, Pune, an
approved technology business incubator supported and recognized by the Department of
Science and Technology – National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development
Board, Government of India. Entrepreneurship Development Centre is a Section 25 private
limited company and technology business incubator created under the CSIR scheme titled
"Scheme for setting up incubation centers in CSIR laboratories" (OM No. 4/CMG/2006-TNBD
dated 16 June 2006; scheme approved by the 166th meeting of the GB of CSIR).
CSIR-Tech was instituted to reap the benefits of 'Scientist Entrepreneurship Scheme
(SES)' and Knowledge for Equity (KFE) opportunity made available to research laboratories
and its scientists vide DSIR OM dated May 25, 2009. The main objective of CSIR-Tech is to
commercialize technologies and intellectual property generated by CSIR laboratories by
facilitating technology transactions and creating spin off businesses, by interacting with and
forging partnerships with scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, businesses people and investors
to create value for all. CSIR-Tech identifies suitable spin off/new venture creation
opportunities with or without equity participation, developing them further and then spinning
them out as start-up enterprises.
National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science & Technology (NIIST) located at Industrial
Estate, Pappanamcode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is one of the major research laboratories
of Council of Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR), which undertakes R&D projects of both basic
and applied nature in a number of areas of fundamental importance to the country. Founded as
a Regional Research Laboratory, the institute acquired excellence in many frontier areas of
research and gained multi-disciplinary expertise and infrastructure. It was renamed as National
Institute for Interdisciplinary Science & Technology (NIIST) in 2007 in view of its orientation
towards interdisciplinary character. At present, the institute is well poised to meet the challenges
of globalized economy, while continuing to cater the regional needs in agro products, materials
and energy.
The Laboratory has five major divisions namely Agro-processing & Natural products,
Biotechnology, Chemical Sciences & Technology, Material Sciences & Technology, Process
Engineering & Environmental Technology. NIIST takes up Contract Projects (Sponsored,
Collaborative/Consultancy) as well as testing and analysis from industries. NIIST has several
national and International linkages bonded through R&D, Academia and industry chains. The
Laboratory has many high impact Publications, Potential Patents and illustrious Technology
Transfers to its credit. It also plays a significant role in the Human Resource Development arena
by training Post Graduate students and generating PhD Personnel.
CSIR-Tech - CSIR-NIIST Partnership
Engagement model
CSIR-Tech has started creating a centralized database of all marketable CSIR
technologies, knowhow, and IP, which are currently unencumbered. This information will be
displayed on CSIR-Tech website as part of its marketing efforts to attract potential partners,
investors etc. This database will serve as a platform to initiate the next steps in the
commercialization process.
CSIR-Tech proposes to sign a Non-exclusive Technology Marketing Agreement with
CSIR-NIIST for commercializing CSIR-NIIST technologies. The company has already concluded
similar deeds with 12 CSIR laboratories so far and is aspiring to have 8 more such agreements
in the process of fulfilling a condition laid down by its investor, State Bank of India.
CSIR-Tech would seek to
Look at the existing technology/knowhow/IP opportunities at CSIR-NIIST, and identify
the business opportunities for the same
Create a knowhow database that would host non-confidential information on the
identified technologies
To share and market this database to industry clients and investors
To identify suitable partners from the industry to work with in commercializing the
Potentially assist in licensing the technologies
Create startup companies around suitable technologies to take it to the market
Create value for the scientists, staff of CSIR-NIIST