TITLE: Executive Director - Prospect Member Country
TEAM/PROGRAMME: Latin America and
Caribbean Regional Senior Leadership Team
LOCATION: Bogota, Colombia
Level 3: the role holder will have contact with children and/or young people either frequently (e.g. once a
week or more) or intensively (e.g. four days in one month or more or overnight) because they work in
country programs; or are visiting country programs; or because they are responsible for implementing the
police checking/vetting process staff.
The Executive Director of Save the Children Colombia will be accountable for the delivery of Save the
Children´s on-going programming (development and humanitarian) in Colombia in order to achieve
ambitious breakthroughs for children. This post will implement high quality programmes, including
advocacy for children, growing the scale and breadth of the portfolio, and serving members & their donors.
He/she will lead the evolving and growing presence of Save the Children in Colombia by overseeing new
remit areas such as revenue generation, brand development, advocacy and external relations and direct
management of a strong national organization.
As ‘Prospect Member’ Colombia is part of the next way of new member development, which focusses on
strengthening and localizing our voice for children in strategic middle-income countries. Colombia was
authorized by member ballot to start fundraising locally, and did so at the end of 2014, as a first step
towards building a financially sustainable local organization. Future work will also involve developing a
strong local governance structure and building key partnerships with local government, the private sector,
local civil society among others. Success of the pilot phase will set the Colombia on a pathway to full
The Executive Director will directly report to the Regional Director of Latin America and
Caribbean. Once the Local Board is set up, he/she will have a dotted line reporting to the Board.
Dimensions: Colombia is a multiple entity country, with a budget of around US$ 4 million, requiring a
vigilant focus on staff safety and security management.
Staff directly reporting to this post: Senior Management in-country: 4
1) Strategy: The Executive Director will set and implement, in the context of full spectrum
programming, the vision and strategy for Save the Children Colombia, consistent with Save the
Children’s mandate, global strategy & theory of change. This includes:
 Creating an environment of continuous learning, where staff are encouraged and supported to
grow and develop and are willing to be held accountable for their commitments
 Ensuring that the focus of the organisation remains on the rights and needs of children
 Effectively represent SC Colombia’s strategy the external audiences in Colombia with a view to
inspiring support for SC’s work
2) Revenue Generation: The Executive Director will maintain and grow the revenue base of the
organisation, this includes:
 Where appropriate, innovating and testing new approaches and methods while optimising the
existing revenue generation tools.
 Ensuring the right mix of income to have a sustainable, effective organisation.
 Constantly seeking opportunities to grow sources of program income, through Save the Children
members and locally.
 Building a network of major corporate, celebrity, foundation, public and individual donors in
3) Program Quality: The Executive Director will ensure that Save the Children Colombia’s
programming activity is of high quality and aligned with the Save the Children global initiatives &
standards, delivering improved outcomes for children resulting in significant impact.
4) Brand and Reputation: The Executive Director has overall responsibility for protecting and
enhancing the reputation and brand of Save the Children in Colombia which will, in turn, enhance SC
brand & reputation more widely
5) Advocacy & External Relations: The Executive Director is primarily responsible for external
advocacy for the organisation, this includes:
 Ensuring that Save the Children’s profile is maintained, enhanced via media appearances, and toplevel engaged with Government, business, the public and other NGOs.
 Where appropriate using online and mobile platforms to deliver key messages.
 Seeking and building partnerships with other organisations that can help Save the Children achieve
its mission.
6) Board and Chair: Whilst reporting to the Regional Director, the Executive Director will have a
dotted reporting line to the Board and Chair and maintain positive work relationship with them as it
develops. This will entail:
 Building a strong, functional Board which responds to the organisation’s needs
 Ensuring that the CO’s strategies are reflected in the business of the Board and establishing a close
relationship of trust with the Board Chair,
 Reporting key developments to the Board Chair in a timely manner and seeking support and advice
when appropriate.
7) Management and Financial Oversight: The Executive Director has overall responsibility for the
organisational management, financial performance and accountability of Save the Children Colombia.
The Executive Director will ensure that the organisation adheres to all relevant national laws and SCI
policies and procedures, including SCI’s Safety & Security, Child Safeguarding & Fraud policies, as well
as legal agreements with national and international affiliates.
8) Building the Team and Change Leadership: The Executive Director needs to build and maintain
a high performing, accountable, motivated team, leading and engaging existing managers while also
attracting new talent to the organisation. The Executive Director needs to lead the organisation
through significant change, if required, striking the right balance between exciting without being
terrifying, and embracing new skills without downgrading existing ones.
9) Senior Management Team (SMT) management, mentorship & development:
Executive Director will:
 Act as a role model and lead the way on the new values and ways of working
 Develop & coach the SMT to optimise their potential in pursuit of SC’s objectives
 Ensure appropriate SMT staffing at all levels, ensure appropriate gender & ethnic diversity
 Ensure the availability of appropriate professional development opportunities for the SMT
 Ensure that all staff understand and are able to perform their role in an emergency response
 Encourage a team culture of learning, creativity & innovation
 Holds self-accountable for making decisions, managing resources efficiently, achieving and role
modelling Save the Children values
 Holds the team and partners accountable to deliver on their responsibilities - giving them the
freedom to deliver in the best way they see fit, providing the necessary development to improve
performance and applying appropriate consequences when results are not achieved.
 Sets ambitious and challenging goals for themselves and their team, takes responsibility for their
own personal development and encourages their team to do the same.
 Keeps focused on key objectives and the core principles of the organisation, ensuring the
operational ability to implement strategy, policy, procedures, systems and programmes.
 Widely shares their personal vision for Save the Children, engages and motivates others
 Future orientated, thinks strategically and on a global scale
 Builds and maintains effective relationships, with their team, colleagues, Members and external
partners and supporters
 Comfortable creating extensive networking, relationship and alliance building, and operating in
culturally diverse organisations with multiple external and internal stakeholder.
 Values diversity, sees it as a source of competitive strength
 Approachable, good listener, easy to talk to.
 Inspires and drives change and transformation needed to continue to grow the organisation
 Develops and encourages new and innovative solutions
 Willing to take disciplined risks.
 Honest, encourages openness and transparency; demonstrates highest levels of integrity
 Experienced leader with considerable years of experience in setting up and/or leading a national
Country Programme.
 Demonstrated strong ability in strategic, communications and relationship management skills
 Strong networking and resource generation skills resulting in securing new opportunities for the
 Experience of working with large, complex donors to secure and/or manage new large-scale and/or
competitive funding.
 Highly international, comfortable operating in a culturally diverse organisation and in developed and
less developed countries of the world.
 Strong record of accomplishment in building high performance teams & future successors/leaders.
 Experience of managing a crisis requiring quick changes to priorities and rapid action to respond.
 Strategic, intellectual, conceptual and analytical skills as well as the necessary level of sector
knowledge (including an understanding of the opportunities and challenges that face the
organisation) in order to develop effective plans for achieving goals and shape the vision and
strategy of Save the Children Colombia.
 Experience of leading change, which has led to considerable results for the organisation and its
 Experience of building personal networks at a senior level, resulting in securing new opportunities
for the organisation.
 Leadership experience with a collaborative, team-oriented, enthusiastic and motivational style, able
to create an open, respectful, accountable, non-threatening feedback culture.
 Experience of solving complex issues through analysis, definition of a clear way forward and
ensuring buy-in.
 Good understanding of programme, financial and operational management processes.
 Good understanding of key trends in international and humanitarian development.
 Strong cultural awareness.
 Attuned political acumen and sensitivity.
 Fluency in speaking and writing in English and Spanish is necessary.
 Experience in managing safety & security needs.
 Committed to Save the Children’s mission and recognises the importance of Save the Children
becoming a learning organisation.
 Highly motivated self-starter who brings a business-like achievement and management orientation
to the role.
Equal Opportunities
The post holder is required to carry out the duties in accordance with the SCI Equal Opportunities and
Diversity policies and procedures.
Health and Safety
The post holder is required to carry out the duties in accordance with SCI Health and Safety policies and
Additional job responsibilities
The job duties and responsibilities as set out above are not exhaustive and the Post holder may be
required to carry out additional duties within reasonableness of their level of skills and experience.
JD written by: LAC Regional Office
Updated: October 2015

Job description - Save the Children