Preparing a Records Management Plan (RMP)

Preparing Scotland’s first
Records Management Plan
Ava Wieclawska
Records Manager
RM Consolidation Programme
Aims and Objectives
Lessons Learnt
• Merger of NAS and GROS
• Records Management Provision
• Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011
Project Initiation
• Senior support and sponsorship
• Roles and responsibilities
• Key project outcomes
• Quality criteria
• Risks and tolerances
• Resources and competencies
Aims & Objectives
• Establish a new shared RM culture
• Compliance with legal and statutory obligations
• Improve business efficiency and communications
• Increase joined up working
• Transparency and accountability
• Produce exemplary, best practice guidance
• Meet the requirements of PRSA
Investigation and Assessment
‘To gain a comprehensive understanding of the organisation and working
environment in order to inform the project strategy’
• Identify key functions and activities
• Understand legislative environment
• Identify strengths and weaknesses
• Critical self-assessment
• Gap analysis
• ARMS Framework (Q1-3)
• Interviews and Working Groups
• Business Process Mapping
• Information Audit Questionnaire
Key Findings
Strategic Development
‘To identify gaps in current service provision for RM, provide business cases to
meet these and approve the strategic direction of the project’
• Priorities
• Areas for improvement
• Key project outcomes
• Strategy
Design and Implementation
‘To consolidate existing and establish new, recordkeeping policies, procedures and
systems in order to meet requirements identified in Stage 2, incorporate them into
a Records Management Plan and implement them across the organisation.’
• Design
• Consult and Develop
• Review
• Approve
• Implement
• Monitor and Review
Training and Awareness
‘To deliver the Corporate Training Plan for Records Management as well as inform
the organisation and promote the project outputs in order to ensure the rapid and
successful deployment of the new procedures.’
• Corporate Training Plan
• Ongoing awareness
• Discuss effectiveness
‘To measure the effectiveness of the new systems, establish milestones and key
performance targets moving forward.’
• Self-assessment
• Establish performance targets
• Monitoring programme
• Corporate objectives
• Long term responsibilities
Progress so far….
• Records Management Policy
• Business Classification Scheme
• Retention and Disposal Schedule
• Destruction Arrangements
• Archiving and Transfer Arrangements
• Organisation wide review of information security
• Data Protection Policy and Code of Practice
• Managing E-Records Framework
Moving Forward
• Business Continuity Programme
• EDRM Steering Group
• Training
• Review and Assessment
• Long term RM Strategy
• Timescales
• Priorities
• Outstanding merger issues
• Ownership
• Weight of expectation
Lessons Learnt
• Support
• Communication
• Consultation
• Opportunity
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