Native American Student and Community Center Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, October 15, 2012, 5:00pm-7:00pm
NASCC Chief Joseph Conference Room 180
Introduction & Blessing
NASCCAB Business
Roles of Board Members - Julie
Accomplishments of the 2011-2012 Board - Rachel
Goals for the 2012-2013 Board - Julie
Board Member Applications - Tamara
NASCCAB Committee Reports
a. Fundraising & Events Committee - Rachel & Felicia
A. Indigenous Solidarity Day
B. Native American History Month
Student Group Updates – Student Representatives
Native American Student Services Updates - Dean
Indigenous Nation Studies Updates - Cornel
Upcoming Activities
21 individuals present: 10 voting members out of 11 voting members; 3 Staff; and 8 visitors
Voting Members Present
Anderson, Tim – Faculty/Staff
Azule, Dean – NASS Standing
Chilcott, Lois - Community
Corcoran, Carma – Civic Leader
Gargan, Katie - UISHE
Henderson, Tamara Community
Kaimanu, Theresa –
Smith, Julie – Faculty/Staff
Smith, Tyanna - AISES
Yi Kirsten – PIC
Arce, Felicia - Staff
Cushman, Rachel - Staff
Gomez, Cynthia - Staff
Acoba, Darren –Student
Begay, Alina –Student
Ly, Renea –Student
Nollan, Bradley –Student
Printup, Stephen –Student
Riggs, Larrita –Student
Trimble, Solomon –Alumni
Zodrow, Mary –Community
Voting Members Absent
Pewewardy Cornel
Role of Board Members
Julie Smith, the NASCCAB Co-Convener covered what is expected of board members according to the
Section 2.
Board Member Responsibilities
The responsibilities of Board members include, but are not limited to: attendance at scheduled
meetings, service on one or more sub-committees; and to support the duties of the Board as
outlined in Article II, Section 1. If a member is unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities he/she will
notify to Co-Conveners as soon as possible. A member may temporarily appoint a proxy for a
1 – Minutes prepared by Rachel Cushman
Native American Student and Community Center Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, October 15, 2012, 5:00pm-7:00pm
NASCC Chief Joseph Conference Room 180
specific meeting. Proxies for more than two meetings will be reviewed by the Board, and may result
in the replacement of the member.
Section 1.
A. The Board supports Native American student success.
B. The Board provides guidance and advice regarding Center operating policies and procedures.
C. Helps create a strategic plan for the Center’s future.
D. Sets fundraising goals and develops an annual plan to advance the Centers financial
E. The Board may create sub-committees it deems necessary to conduct its business.
F. The Board participates in an annual retreat to review the year and formulate plans for the next
G. The Board has input in the recruitment and hiring of positions working in the Center when
vacancies occur.
H. The Board serves as a liaison between PSU and the Native community.
The bylaws need updated – this will be covered in the Board Membership Applications section of the
Accomplishments of the 2011-2012 NASCC Advisory Board
The 2011-2012 accomplished many great goals. NASCCAB
 Created New Spaces for Students
o PIC Moved Into the Center
o The cubical was converted into the Student Lounge
o Allocated space and time for the PSU Chinuk Wawa Social Club/Where Are Your Keys
 Student Forum
During the first NASCC Student Forum, we discussed many important topics. The topics discussed
include, but are not limited to: what is needed in order to achieve student success, how we can
promote student success, making the NASCC a welcoming space, and the importance of student
voice on the Native American Student and Community Center Advisory Board.
Student Success Support Tools
It is important that students get support from Faculty, Staff, and the Community, but it is also
important that students collaborate amongst each other and hold one another accountable.
Writing Center – Not all students feel comfortable using the tutoring center. A professor has
agreed to do a workshop at the center for free. Depending on the turn out and expressed need,
the students are hoping to find funding sources to do more workshops. Students and Rachel will
talk to Dean about getting NASS support.
Getting Organized Workshops - beginning and middle of the term
Book Exchange – opportunity for work-study students and capstone classes to organize
Extended Hours at the Center – during midterms and finals; student worker volunteers their time
NASCC Student Round Table – Stephen Printup suggested creating incentive for students to
collaborate on projects. Wonders about the possibility of creating a stipend for the round table?
Promoting Student Success
News Letter
Profiles online
Ways to Make the Center More Welcoming
2 – Minutes prepared by Rachel Cushman
Native American Student and Community Center Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, October 15, 2012, 5:00pm-7:00pm
NASCC Chief Joseph Conference Room 180
It is important that we all provide a space where new students feel comfortable. We should all try
and say hello and be very kind to anyone walking through the NASCC doors.
Music – having music playing is always welcoming
Welcoming images – have photos of NA/AN/PI students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community
members. Include short bios under the photos.
More Resources for Pacific Islanders and Alaskan Natives – one of the concerns expressed in this
meeting was that the center is very “native” oriented. When people of non-Native decent walk
into the center it can be at times overwhelming and intimidating. It was suggested that the Center
gets periodicals and newspapers from other cultures than just “Native American” mainland
people. This could be a project for work-study students or capstone students.
Student Voice on NASCCAB
It was voiced by many students after the last board meeting that they felt that the space was not
inviting to students – that their voices were not being heard. Also, some students felt that the
conversation was very “Native American” oriented and that NASCCAB members need to
remember that we also serve Alaskan Natives and Pacific Islanders.
Also, it was suggested by students that board members stay to the topic of discussion. Some
students found that board members came to complain rather than accomplish tangible goals.
Students want a board that is supportive, empowering and action oriented.
 Emergency Funds
We were able to help out several students last year, because of the emergency fund. Several board
members donated on a regular basis. It is our hope that board members, faculty, staff and community
members will continue to donate to the emergency fund. We currently
 Potlatch Closet
Thanks to the efforts of board members like Theresa Kaimanu and Carma Corcoran the potlatch closet
was very successful. We still have items (i.e. personal hygiene, extra gloves, etc.) available. We no longer
have snacks. If anyone is willing to help out, it would be greatly appreciated.
 Friend Building
This last year NASCCAB worked really hard to reconnect with past donors, alumni and community
members. We hosted An Evening with Water Echo-Hawk and nearly 400 guests attended. We will
continue to invite these individuals, alumni and past donors to events at the center. Building allies and
partners is important if we want to build a successful scholarship for of Native American, Alaskan Native
and Pacific Islander students.
Goals for the 2012-13 Board
We brainstormed goals for the year. Those included, but are not limited to:
 10 Year Anniversary Celebration – October 23, 2013
 See more participants at beautification days
 Build our friends list, target specific groups
 Fundraising – Emergency Fund
Foundation Account Information for NASCCAB and Community Members wishing to donate to the
Native American Student Services Emergency Fund
The Emergency Fund Account Code is 3201022
There are three ways to give:
1. Online -
2. Calling - (503)725-4911
3 – Minutes prepared by Rachel Cushman
Native American Student and Community Center Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, October 15, 2012, 5:00pm-7:00pm
NASCC Chief Joseph Conference Room 180
3. Mailing - Make checks payable to PSU Foundation, P.O. Box 243, Portland, OR 97207-0243.
Include with payment a note specifying account 3201022, or download a pledge form from the
above website.
 Alumni Association
 Never leave a group discussion without personal goals
 Catalogue the donor bricks – who and where
 Retreat with students – meet with students outside of formal settings.
 Highlight the Center through collaborative efforts
All of these goals are very important to the success of the NASCC; however, we need to be realistic.
Which goals are long-term and which are short-term? Which are personal and which are group goals?
Julie and Rachel are going to go over the list of goals and create a plan for them. At our next meeting we
will vote on the goals that the board as a whole wants to work on. As individuals think of other goals,
please email them to Rachel Cushman.
Board Member Applications
Application Process
Many amazing questions were asked during this section of the board meeting. Most the questions
revolved around the application process. Some questions that were asked were:
 How are board members selected?
 How do we ensure that there are diverse populations on the board?
 Should we create an alumni position, or multiple alumni positions?
 Should all student groups in the NASCC have a position on the board?
 Should there be Tribal Representation on the board?
It was suggested that policy be created around the application process. Tamara will take leadership to
put together a couple proposals that the board can vote on.
Recruitment of Board Members
It was suggested that the NASCCAB should leave the positions open longer to get a bigger pool of
Lois moved to bring Donita Fry on board now as a Community Representative with the understanding
that she may be asked to transition into the Civic Leader Position. Carma seconded the motion. The
motion passed unanimously 9-0-0.
Fundraising and Events Committee Report
 Indigenous Solidarity Day
Indigenous Solidarity Day was a success. We had three Center hosted events throughout the day and
one student hosted event. Their attendance was great.
The first event of the day was shinny games and lunch, sponsored by UISHE. New people showed up
who had never attended a UISHE meeting. It was a great recruitment opportunity.
The second event was the student Information fair. We had low attendance. We believe many factors
contributed to the low attendance levels. It was a sunny day and an awkward time of day. Hopefully
when we do this again we will have larger numbers of attendees.
The third event of the day was Indigenous Peoples of PSU Meet & Greet. The attendance was
awesome. We had a large meal and people got to know one another by sitting around chatting, playing
games and doing other fun things. Gyasi Ross attended this event. It was a great opportunity for
students to get one-on-one time with him.
4 – Minutes prepared by Rachel Cushman
Native American Student and Community Center Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, October 15, 2012, 5:00pm-7:00pm
NASCC Chief Joseph Conference Room 180
Our evening wrapped up with Gyasi Ross’s talk. There were roughly 80 attendees at this event. The talk
was very interactive and the dialogue was insightful. Attendees had the opportunity to get a signed copy
of his book at the end of the event and take photos with him.
See attached Vanguard article for recap of the day. If you have the original article, it has been rewritten.
 Native American Heritage Month
Felicia, The Cultural Centers Staff and Rachel are in the process of solidifying a budget and plan for
Native American Heritage Month. Thus far, it looks as if: Monday, November, 26th will be the indigenous
film festival; Thursday, November 29th will be a collaborative event with the MCC and La Casa Latina at
the MCC; and Friday, November 30th will be a large community celebration. During the afternoon there
will be a craft fair, and in the event there will be a taste of indigenous cultures event coupled with a
talent show. More will be reported soon.
At this event we will be hosting a silent auction where all proceeds go to the NASS Emergency Fund.
If NASCCAB members are able to help staff the events or participate, please let Felicia and Rachel know.
Student Group Updates
AISES is just starting to get organized. Transition this year was a little difficult. They were, however,
recently asked to host the Region I Conference again. They are going to be discussing it in the next
couple of weeks. They want to give other Universities in the region the opportunity to host. AISES is
going to participate in the Native American History Month events as well.
AISES meets on Tuesdays, 12pm-1pm, NASCC 150
 Chinuk Wawa Social Club (CWSC)/Where Are Your Keys (WAYK)
CWSC is still going strong. They had an active attendance throughout the summer. Since the academic
year has started more people have shown interest in the group.
The group meets: Tuesdays, 5pm-6pm, NASCC Room 150; and Thursdays, 4pm-5pm, SMSU by the food
court on the 1st floor
 Indigenous Arts & Crafts Group
The Indigenous Arts & Craft Group meets on Fridays, 4pm-5:30pm, NASCC 140. They are getting
together more supplies to make wing dresses, moccasins
PIC is very active this year. They have a very large membership. Last week they had a tattoo workshop.
This week they were going bowling. They are having one large event a term. This term they are having
the Luau planning retreat. The winter term they are doing a winter dance. And in the spring it will be the
Luau. The Luau is the second weekend in May.
UISHE has a lot going on. They are starting up the Winter Coat Drive again. The two organizations that
are benefiting from the coat drive are PSU’s student parent organization in Smith and NAYA in-patient.
All clothes must be new. They need winter coasts, socks, and other under clothing.
Stickball for ISD was a success. They had a lot of new students show up.
November 13th and 14th the 1491s are coming. Look for publicity around that.
The Powwow is May 4th and the Gourd Dance is the 5th.
Native American Student Services Update
Enrollment is at its all-time high. We currently have a count of 556 of Native American students
enrolled. This does not take into account those who are of Hispanic decent and does not count Pacific
Islander students. We are working on those numbers.
5 – Minutes prepared by Rachel Cushman

Native American Student and Community Center Advisory Board