Think-Tac-Toe: The Earth’s Place in the Universe
Define plate tectonics. Define and
illustrate the 3 types of plate
boundaries. Explain why
earthquakes, volcanic activity,
mountain-building, and trench
formation occur along these
Create an illustrated
You have just accepted a job as a
paleontologist at the Smithsonian
Tropical Research Institute in Panama
and will be searching for fossils of GABI
vertebrates. Write down 5 questions
that you want to find out on the first
week of your job. Create a field journal
entry describing your first day
Imagine you are writing an article for
the Geological Society of America
describing the Great American Biotic
Interchange. Your article will
summarize how the interchange
formed and what species are thought
to have crossed from North American
to South America and from South
America to North America.
Using a collection of
fossils found in the Gatun
Formation, create a guide
that can be used to
classify them.
Identify 3 different types of
maps that geologists may
study of a location. Give an
example of each map type
and explain what type of
information scientists
collect from each map.
Create a rock collection that
represents the 3 basic types of
rocks. Identify the rock type for
each sample, explain how the rock
was formed, and give examples of
where this type of rock might be
You just landed your dream job as a
video game designer! Your first
project is to create an interactive
game about erosion and weathering.
Design the cover, write a
description about the video game,
and create 3 sample screen shots.
Compare sand samples from
3 different localities in
Panama. Locate the
localities on a map and
discuss the similarities and
differences for each sample.