Chapter 10 Section 1 Questions

Chapter 10 Section 1 Questions
1. Explain how Wegener 1. Fossils of warm
used climate clues
weather plants found
to support his hypothesis
on islands in the
of continental drift.
Aortic Ocean and
glacial features
found in places such
as Africa supported
2. Describe how rock
2. Rock structures
clues were used to support on different
hypothesis of continental
continents are
3. Summarize the ways
3. Fossils on the
fossils were used to
same terrestrial
support the hypothesis of
organism were found
continental drift.
on widely spread
4. Why would you expect 4. The same rock
to see similar rocks and
structure they
rock structures on two
shared when
landmasses that were
attached would
connected at one time?
appear on both
halves after the
landmass split apart.
5. Compare and contrast
5. All locations are
the locations of fossils of landmasses; Some
the temperate plant
locations are in a
Glossopteris with the
climate that exists at each temperate climate,
others in arid,
location today.
semiarid, or polar