Socials 11: Autonomy and International Involvement Unit
Canada’s Road to Autonomy
Use your workbook pgs. 69-74 and chapter 3 in your e text. (Extra copies will be in the
1. What does the term “autonomy” mean? Use dictionary
Characteristics of a fully autonomous nation:
Domestic (internal affairs) vs. International (recognition from other countries:
Autonomy Timeline (Inter War Period Era)
Using the paper provided, create a timeline (chronological) featuring the
following events in Canada’s development as an autonomous nation. Some of
these events are from WW1 but many are events that make up the 1920s and
1930s. These are referred to as the Inter War Period Era
 Battle of Vimy Ridge
 The Paris Peace Conference (1919)
 League of Nations (1920)
 The Chanak Crisis (1922)
 The Halibut Treaty (1923)
 The King-Byng Affair (1925)
 The Balfour Report (1926)
 The Statute of Westminster (1931)
 Group of Seven
 King-Byng Crisis
 Hockey Night In Canada
 Branch Plants
 Group of Seven
 Radio/ television
 Investment in Canada (
On your time line write the following info above each event:
1. What happened or the main issues of each event (description, definition, etc.)
2. Its significance in Canadian history and “for Canada’s Autonomy and independence.”
3. Assess whether this event leads to Canada’s independence Internationally or
Criteria for marking
Definition and explanation for each
item on timeline
 Is present
 Includes title, date
 Is present
Significance understanding
 Understands the concept of
significance and reflects this
on the timeline
Time Line Format:
 Events are in a time line
format so items are in a
chronological order with dates
and events clearly listed
 Easy to follow, neat and not
left in pencil.
1mark each. Full mark will be
deducted for each item missing
½ will be deducted from each item
that is missing a significance
½ mark will be deducted from
each item where significance is
misunderstood up to a max
deduction of 3
1point will be deducted if the time
line format is not followed
Up to 3 marks may be
taken away if
significance is incorrect
1 mark taken away from

autonomy timeline activity