Vocal Music Ensemble
Mr. Michael J. Fay
Meeting Times
A survey of the major style periods of music in Music History, beginning with
beginning with contemporary music.
Crestview High School, Music Suite
M-F, 10:25-11:11apm
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Office Hours:
Michael J. Fay
[email protected]
Crestview High School, Music Suite
by appointment
Semester 1 (September through December) : History/Listening: We will study the undevelopment of music through history from most current to the early beginnings. We will review
major eras of music and explore numerous personalities.
Semester 2 (January through May) : Theory/Acoustics/Exploratory: The student will develop an
understanding of general music theory, technique and style. In addition, the students will be able
to discern between different qualities of chords, scales and intervals through bi-weekly ear
training exercises.
Overall, the students will actively analyze their listening habits throughout the class and discover
new avenues of music to explore.
GRADING: There will be roughly one exam every two weeks, followed by a comprehensive
exam at the end of each term. Students are expected to complete one concert review per term (for
a total of four for the school year… see Performance Review Guidelines). In addition, students
will maintain an active listening “journal”, which will be turned in weekly. Finally, there will be
one major test per semester (one due just before Winter break, and the other just before the end of
school). will be discussed and reviewed in class.
OFFICE HOURS: By appointment only. If you need to get in contact with me outside of the
regular school day, my email is: [email protected]
PERFORMANCE REVIEW GUIDELINES: The best way to understand the nuts and bolts of
music is to hear it performed in a live context. Reviews must be typed and double-spaced. The
reviews should be at least two pages in length and must include the following information:
1. Date and location of performance
2. Name of group
3. Size of group
4. Instrumentation
5. Titles of compositions performed
6. Your personal impression of the performance
7. Relationship to concepts discussed in class
The instructor must approve all Performance Reviews before students embark upon them.
Possible local performances might include: CHS Symphonic Wind Ensemble, CHS Chamber
Singers, CMS ensembles, etc. Please strive to vary your reviews – 4 reviews for the same group,
regardless of repertoire, wouldn’t be a good idea. Other live concerts will be announced in class
and may include live groups around the Youngstown or Boardman areas. Geographically, we are
VERY close to major symphony orchestras easily within a 90-minute drive to Cleveland or
Pittsburgh. As a side-note, students cannot review a performance they participate in. We will be
attempting to attend a symphony concert each semester,
Any review submitted after the required review will be accepted as extra credit (approximately 50
pts.) in your average. This may be helpful if you find yourself on the borderline between two
grades. Performance Reviews must be submitted by the last class session in the semester. Any
reviews submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.
MUSIC JOURNALS: When was the last time you went through a day without listening to music?
I’ll bet not recently. This journal is a way of keeping track of your listening habits, in addition to
exploring new styles you may not be familiar with. You will have one journal entry for every day
of the week (5 entries @ 2pts each for 10pts a week), and turn in your journal on Fridays. They
will be returned to you on the following Monday. Listening “experiences” could include CD’s or
records you own, short reflections of live performances you’ve attended (that wouldn’t normally
be used for a formal Performance Review), insights on recordings we explore as a group, or even
short essay topics assigned in class. The format is left intentionally vague, as these journals are a
means to explore your musical interests. You might be surprised what you find out
General Timeline
Week 1&2
Week 3&4
Week 5&6
Week 7&8
Week 9&10
Semester 1: History/Theory
Semester 2 : Exploratory
Pop Music 2000’s
Pop Music 1990’s
Pop Music 1980’s
Pop Music 1970’s
Pop Music 1950 – 1960’s
Jazz: 1920-1940’s
The “20th Century” Classical Music
Romantic Era
Electric Bass
Electric Bass
Drum Set
Drum Set

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