Act 1
Scene 1
The family get a space to hind from the the bad people, they know that the space is not
that big but its a good spot to find from the bad people, to find from the war that was
happening just outside, it was almost Anna birthday. the family hind behind the
bookcase. they stand their for 2 years, then finally found by the bad people. they were
taken to a bad place were they killed jews.
Scene 2
Anne Frank and her family had to hide in her dads office. Due to the Jews. They can't run
the water after a certain, and the must be extremely quite. Their is a lot of activities
they can't do after after 6. It also shows the relationship between Anne and Petter, and
how their relationship changes.
In this scene she gets A diary, and she meets peter for the first time. She also meets
Peters cat and starts thinking of how her parents made her leave her cat. She starts
thinking of her friends she left back at school. she thinks of how her friend will react
when she is not at school.
Scene 3
My part of The Diary of Anne Frank was about the time Anne spills milk on Mrs.Van
Daan's jacket. Anne argues with Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan. Mrs.Frank asks Anne why can't
she be like Margot.Anne gets upset about being compared to Margot all the time.She
gets very upset about being compared to Margot that she sets in her room and sobs into
her bed.Margot thinks Anne will be out of her room in an hour all happy.They let a man
named Mr.Dussel stay with them for a few nights.
its a little after 6 in the evening two months later Margot is in the bed room studying
Dr. .van daan the rest of the family is in the main room Anne and peter sit opposite from
each other mrs van daan was seated with her fur coat their eyes on mrs frank waiting
for their signal witch will rules them from their day long silence . its safe now the last
work man has left . Annes energy explodes whee mr.frank Anne startled with
amusement mrs. van daan I'm first for W.C
Scene 4
The Franks, Mr. Van Daan, Dussel, Margot, and a boy named Peter with his family. Anne
is awoken in the middle of the nigh by a nightmare about being took by Nazi's. Everyone
in the bunker is awoken and help or scold her. Anne's parents come to help but she just
wants to with her father which hurts her mother's feelings. Anne talks about her
emotions to her father and finally her father gives her a pill to calm her. Later, the group
get news about allied forces landing in Africa, which gives the group hope as they start
to talk about what they will do once they leave.
In my section of the story, Anne is having terrible nightmares. She screams in her
dreams and many people become frustrated with Annes behavior in her sleep. Her
mother tries to sooth her but Anne only wants her father. Annes mother is hurt by
Annes actions and her sister tries to calm her mother. Anne then writes in her journal
about the plains over head witch her father said should sound like music to her ears.
The more plains the sooner the end of the war would come.
Act 2
Scene 1
They are all getting settled in and getting to know each other. They are all unpacking
their belongings. They are all talking about a dinner for them all to have that night. Anne
starts to unpack and finds her photographs. Then Mr.Frank grasped Anne before she
goes downstairs and tells her that they must not ever go down stairs. Then Anne writes
in her journal before the scene ends.
Anne Frank and her family has been hiding in there hiding spot for one year, five months
and twenty five days. In the house they hide in they couldn't talk or make one
sound. Then petter moved in with his family. Peter and Anne Frank starting talking. Then
they started to date. After that the miep got arrested and they starved.
Margot is sick on the couch bundled up in blankets. Miep brought everyone cake. Mr.
and Mrs. Van Daan were arguing about who should cut the cake. Peter is afraid that his
cat, Mouschi, is gone. Anne wants Miep to remember what everyone was wearing so
she could tell her about it. Dussel is being mean to Peter saying that someone has eaten
Mouschi. At the end of the scene Peter helps Anne calm down.
Scene 2
Anne Frank was trying on Margots close and was going up to Peters room.
Then Mrs.Van Dann Stopped her and gave her a speech then her mother. then her
mother came and told her to come back home at 9 o'clock. then she asked peter if he
liked her and stuff then. then she asked him if he had ever kissed a girl. Then it was 9
o'clock and she went back home
Scene 3
It is the middle of the night and they had been in hiding for a few weeks when Mrs.
Frank hears someone open the food safe. Everyone wakes up to see what is wrong and
they catch Mr. Van Daan stealing bread from the food crate. Mrs. Frank decides to kick
Mr. Van Daan out of the hiding area but Mr. Frank thinks she is just speaking out of
anger. Anne dosent want her mother to kick Mr. Van Daan and his family out. They get a
buzzer call from a girl named Miep but Margot dosent know why she would be visiting
this late at night and Mrs. Frank believes she is visiting because there has been trouble.
She was visiting to tell them that the invasion has begun and they all get excited about
the invasion happening. Mrs. Frank begins to feel guilty for what she said to Mr. Van
Daan. Anne then begins to tell about how she wants to be a writer and how she writes
all about her feelings in her diary.
Mrs. Frank heard Mr. Van Dan stealing the bread. Mr. Van Dan was caught stealing the bread. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
are telling Mr. Van Dan, Mrs. Van Dan, and Peter to get out. Meip comes in and tells them that the invasion has
begun. They all get excited and apologize to each other.
Scene 4
A spicious phone calls makes the hostages nervous. Some want to answer it, but Mr.
Frank overrules. Mr. Van Daan blames Mrs. Van Daan for the prediciment that they are
in, saying that they could have escaped. They nervously wait to see what will happen,
Peter is at the center table,trying to do his lesson. Anne sits opposite from him, writing
in her diary.they heard the phone ring twice then it rang again. Frank the third time in
succession! it is a signal! it is miep trying to get us. for some reason she can't come up to
us. she is trying to warn us for something. so they had to hide for about 2 years.
They did want to make any noise, they wanted no one finding out where they were
hiding. They thought they’d just wait there tell they died. That day it was very beautiful
outside they pretty sky, and the beautiful clouds. Anne wanted to get out of there hiding
place in the little store, she wanted a normal life, not one where she was always running
an hiding. They had very little time, and Anne knew it, they had there good days, then
they had there bad days which weren’t that good at all. She still believed that people
are really good at Heart. There were so much going on, a big War it was very sad.

First Period - Breathitt County Schools