unit 8 vocabulary

Unit 8 Climatic Interactions
Define it
1. Air Mass
2. Air Pressure
3. Anemometer
4. Atmosphere
5. Convection Current
6. Coriolis Effect
7. Deep Ocean Current
8. Humidity
a body of air that has about
the same temperature and
humidity throughout
a measure of the weight of
the atmosphere on a given
area of the surface of the
Earth; barometric pressure
an instrument used to
measure wind speed
an envelope of mixed gases
are held to the Earth by
gravity; the most dense
gases are near the surface
of the Earth
when temperature
differences cause fluids to
expand and move; the less
dense (heat) areas
continually rise, and the
more dense (cold) areas
continually sink creating a
cyclical current
the effect of the Earth’s
rotation on the path of air
and water; causes the path
to curve
currents flowing far
beneath the surface of the
ocean; driven by density
amount of water vapor
present in the air; relative
9. Jet Stream
narrow band of high speed
wind high in the
atmosphere; moves west to
east in the Northern
10.Prevailing Winds
global wind located at mid
latitude; mostly blows in
one direction
Draw it/Remember it
11.Weather Front
13.El Nino
14.La Nina
an area where two air
masses with different
temperatures and pressures
instrument used to measure
humidity (moisture) in the
period during which
surface waters in the
Pacific are unusually
warm; impacts temperature
and rainfall in the U.S.
periods during which
surface waters in the
Pacific are unusually cool;
impacts temperature and
rainfall in the U.S.
A large circular system of
ocean currents