The American History project for Quarter 2 will be a research project on one of our
Founding Fathers. Other than research, this project will be done at home. This project
will consist of three parts; (1) a researched 5 paragraph essay on the life and importance
of a founding father; (2) a visual presentation of the founding father using either a
“hanger person” or a “bottle person”, and; (3) an oral presentation to the class of the
research found and of the visual representation. See below for details of each part of the
PART 1: Research/Essay
One class period will be devoted to research on the founding father. Founding father
names will be chosen by random draw in class. The research will be presented in essay
form and will include the following information:
Statistical information: Name, date and place of birth and death
Important facts such as family members, education, and important event in their
Describe the person’s adult life. What work did this person do? How did he/she
become well known? What are his or hers accomplishments?
How is the world different because this person lived? Why this person is
considered a founding father?
A bibliography or list of sources used while researching your Founding Father
should also be included at the end of your essay.
PART 2: Visual Representation **
Your visual representation of your founding father must be in the form of either a
“hanger person” or a “bottle person”. See details below
Hanger Person Instructions:
Suggested Materials:
 Wire hanger (provided)
 Large piece of construction paper
 Heavy‐duty tape
 Scissors
 Plain or lined paper
1. Center a hanger on the large piece of construction paper. Be sure the hook extends over the top edge.
2. Fold the paper along the angle to cover the “shoulder” wires.
3. Use tape to secure the paper.
4. Turn the covered hanger over (this piece represents the torso.)
5. Cut a circle of oval about 4 to 5 inches in diameter.
6. Tape the circle on to the top of the hanger (This piece represents the head).
7. Cut out the body outline completely.
8. Begin to decorate it to look like the historical biographical subject.
9. Attach the hanger to the back of the shoulder area with tape.
10. Attach the biography essay to your person by either the essay in their hands or on their bodies)
11. Be sure to include your name on the back of the project.
Materials needed for the bottle:
 1 plastic bottle
 For example:
 Small water or soda bottle
 2 liter soda bottle
 Ketchup bottle
 Dish soap bottle
o Please note the a minimum size should be at least 16
ounces, and the maximum size should be a 2 liter bottle
 Sand, dirt, or gravel to put in the bottom of your bottle to anchor it
 Things to decorate your bottle to look like the person you have researched
 For example:
 Paint, yarn, glue, sequins, felt, beads, feathers, colored paper, pipe cleaners, Styrofoam balls,
fabric, buttons, clay, googly eyes, etc.
Directions for the bottle person project:
1. Clean the bottle
2. Place sand or dirt inside the bottle so it won’t tip over (just a little…you don’t need to fill the entire
3. Use something to form a three dimensional head. Decorate the “head” to look like your Founding
 Examples of things to use for the head: o Styrofoam ball, wooden spoon, large button, tennis
ball, ping pong ball, paper mache balloon, clay, Dixie cup, stuffed sock, etc.
 Don’t forget to give your person hair!
4. Construct arms for the bottle person by using pipe cleaners, cardboard, straws, or other items and fix
them in place. Adding something to the bottom for shoes or feet is optional.
5. Use materials such as fabric, paper, felt, yarn, etc. to make an outfit for your person that would be
typical of what was worn during that person’s life.
 Glue clothing around the entire bottle
 Keep in mind, when this project is finished, it should look like a doll so all sides should be
PART 3: Oral Presentation The oral presentation is a 2-5 minute presentation on
the Founding Father. Your presentation should be rehearsed but you may refer to note
cards.You should be able to answer basic questions without referring back to your essay.
You will also present your hanger/bottle person at this time.
Your project will be graded as follows:
Part 1: Research Essay
Completeness of information ………20 pts.
Essay format with correct
Grammatical conventions ………….. 10 pts.
Bibliography …………………………….. 10 pts.
Total Possible Points
40 pts.
Part 2: Visual Representation
Actual person likeness ……………….. 25 pts.
Overall neatness/construction ……. 15 pts.
Total Possible Points
40 pts.
Part 3: Oral Presentation
Overall preparedness presenter …….10 pts.
Ability to answer questions ……….... 10 pts.
Total Possible Points
20 pts.
Project Founding Father Assigned……………Monday, November 2
Media Center Research …………………………..Friday, November 6
Project Due ……………………………………………Monday, December 7
Oral Presentations ………………………………….Monday and Tuesday, December 7 -8
** Google search images for hanger person project and bottle person projects

Hanger/Bottle Person Project