Position Title: College Completion Coach
Reports to:
College Completion Program Manager
College Bound St. Louis is an award-winning college preparation and persistence program. The
mission of College Bound is to provide promising high school students from under-resourced
backgrounds with the academic enrichment, social supports, and life skills needed to succeed in
college and careers. Since our founding in 2006, we have succeeded in helping 100 percent of our
graduating high school seniors earn admission to a four-year college and 87% of our collegians to
graduate! We deliver our services with a full-time staff of 20 and 23 AmeriCorps Members. To
learn more, please visit:
Position Summary
College Completion Coaches will work directly with college students, supporting them in hybrid
advisor-mentor-counselor roles as they pursue their bachelor’s degree. Completion Coaches must
form strong relationships with students to support them from afar as many students will attend
school outside of St. Louis and Missouri. Coaches must have excellent communication skills to
regularly connect with students by phone, text, email, or social media. Core to College Bound’s
approach with our students is building strong relationships with them; we believe no significant
relationships can occur without a significant relationship.
Primary Responsibilities
 Provide comprehensive case management and success coaching for each assigned student
(approximately 40) by establishing and maintaining strong relationships with them
 Closely monitor and track student progress using the Persistence Tracking System
 Advise students on their school-specific on-campus resources, programs, and policies
 Support students through financial aid applications and renewals
 Assist students in searching for and applying to scholarships
 Seek out and create relationship-building experiences (including on-campus visits to local
 Communicate with students regularly via phone, text, email, social media
 Advocate for students with university staff, financial aid institutions
 Organize, supervise, and interact with students and parents at regular College Bound
‘Complete U’ reunions and events
 Facilitate in-class lessons to College Bound high school seniors on the college transition and
1st year experience
 Establish, maintain, and utilize partnerships with on-campus contacts
 Coordinate graduation preparation, and career-readiness works, and social events for when
collegians are back in St. Louis on break
 Mentor and advise students in all matters that move them toward college graduation
Skills and Qualifications
 Bachelor’s degree
 Experience working with youth
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills
 Strong interpersonal, critical thinking, organizational, and computer skills
 High energy, and enthusiastic with a strong belief that young people can succeed
 Strong commitment to service
 Commitment to serve 40-50 hours a week
 $12,700 Living stipend
 $5,770 Education Award
 Health insurance
 Federal student loan forbearance; additionally, AmeriCorps will pay the interest that
accrues on your loans during your term of service
 Food Stamp (EBT) eligibility (if financially qualified)
 Reimbursed mileage
 Professional development opportunities and training
Duration of Term of Service
August 1, 2016- July 31, 2017
How to Apply
Interested candidates should visit College Bound’s website for more application details.
Applications can be emailed to [email protected] under the subline line “College
Preparation Coach Application,” or mailed to;
College Bound
Attention: Jeremy Brok
110 North Jefferson Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63103
Applications must include all of the following:
 Cover letter
 Resume
 College Bound application
 Copy of college transcript (unofficial is fine)
Application Deadline:
College Bound is currently accepting applications for the 2016-2017 school year on a rolling basis.
Our First Priority deadline is 5:00PM, March 18, 2016. All applications received before this date
will be given consideration over all others received after this date.

College Completion Coach