The Maain Causes of World War I
M: Militarism
The belief that a country should maintain a strong army
 Countries in Europe are building up their armed forces
 Countries were instituting Conscription (draft)
 Countries in Europe were also beginning to stockpile
 Other countries see this stockpiling and also begin to
stockpile weapons and an Arms Race Develops in
A: Alliances
An agreement formed for mutual benefit, between countries
that they would not go to war with each other, but in the
event of war they would help each other
 In Europe – two (2) major alliances:
 Triple Alliance
* Austria/Hungary, Germany, Italy
 Dual Entente – started as dual
* France, Russia
(Entente is French for alliance) – was made in response
to the Triple Alliance
 Triple Entente – Britain joins later due to Triple
 Britain, France, Russia
A: Assassination
Murder of important person in a surprise attack for political
or religious reasons
 Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand – heir to throne of
 Arch Duke and his wife went to Serbia for a state visit
 Black Hand Society – (Terrorists Group) – planning
to assassinate the Arch Duke
* At first use a bomb to kill the Arch Duke – fails
* Garvilo Princip – is able to get close to them and
shoots them – dead
 Austria/Hungary – gives Serbia a list of demands:
* Serbia accepts all the demand except:
* Austria/Hungary can investigate the murder
 Austria/Hungary declares war on Serbia
I: Imperialism
A policy of extending a country’s power and influence
through diplomacy or military force (Stronger nation takes
over a weaker nation by military force)
 European (western countries) wanted to show their
power by Imperializing
 Imperializing helped them create a vast empire –
which meant you had power
 Most Western nations Imperialized Africa and Asia
 Austria/Hungary – Imperialized Serbia
N: Nationalism
Patriotic feeling, a feeling of superiority (pride in your
nation) over other countries
 Serbia : wanted to unite all the Slavic peoples under
one nation – to Rule itself
 In order to gain independence, to rule themselves, they
revolt and have wars of independence
 Nationalistic feelings of Serbia – led to assassination of
the Arch Duke Fanz Ferdinand of Austria/Hungary