P.A.C.E. Research Paper Scoring Guide: MASTER DRAFT
Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Teacher: ____________________________________ Period: _____
GRADE: __ 16 / A
__ 15 / A
__ 14 / A-
__ 13 / B+
__ 12 / B
__ 11 / B-
o Narrowly focuses on a single topic
o Develops topic with relevant concrete
details from the sources
o Uses commentary seamlessly and accurately
to expand on concrete details
o Balanced, thorough development
o Introduction provides clear direction with
clear thesis
o Sections/paragraphs logically build on
introduction/thesis statement
o Transitions are seamless, clear and logical
o Conclusion demonstrates understanding of
subject without restating the introduction
o Less narrow focus
o Develops topic with relevant but heavy
reliance on concrete details from sources
o Commentary may be awkward or forced, but
accurately develops information
o Mostly balanced, adequate development;
some sections may be significantly better
than others
o Introduction provides a clear direction, but
thesis may be under or over developed
o Sections/paragraphs clearly fit intro/thesis,
but development does not build ideas
o Some transitions may be awkward or forced
o Conclusion finishes paper by summarizing,
without restating the introduction
o Broad scope of topic
o Develops topic with marginally relevant
concrete details; heavy reliance on sources
o Commentary may be simplistic, minimal,
and/or repetitious of sources
o Balanced but minimal development; several
underdeveloped paragraphs
o Introduction is formulaic, thesis may only
provide adequate direction
o Sections/paragraphs fit topic in a general
way, or the focus may wander or appear
unrelated at times
o Transitions may be formulaic or abrupt, but
are usually present
o Conclusion simply restates introduction
Lacks clear focus of subject matter
Inadequate/unsubstantiated commentary
Paragraphs lack balance and/or connection
o Introduction does not state paper’s direction,
thesis statement unclear and ineffective
o Sections/paragraphs lack focus
o Transitions connecting paragraphs are
missing and/or ineffective
o Conclusion is indistinct and/or ineffective
__ 10 / C+
__ 9 / C
__ 8 / C-
__ 7-0 or a 1 in any column / NOT YET
o MLA documentation correct; each citation
has an exact match on the Works Cited page
o Research is relevant; integrated into text and
often blended with the writer’s commentary
o 8+ extensive scholarly/academic sources; all
internet----sources are legitimate sources of
solid, useful information
o Interview used 4+ times throughout the paper
o MLA documentation format may have
minimal but consistent errors; each citation
still has an exact match in the Works Cited
o Research relevant; integrated into paragraphs
but not blended with commentary, no leads
o 5-7 extensive academic sources; Most ---------- Internet sources are relevant and -------- --------somewhat-useful. A few may contain _______
_- inaccurate information
o Interview used 3 times throughout the paper
o Random MLA documentation format;
1 minor source may not correspond with
Works Cited
o Research is not extensive; formulaic use of
sources/heavy reliance on a few sources
o 5 academic sources; Internet sources are -------questionable and offer-little relevant and -------often inaccurate-information about the topic
o Includes interview at least once but lacks
significant connection or may be specific to
just one paragraph/section
o Few or no errors in usage, punctuation,
capitalization and spelling
o Effective use of sentence variety; complex,
compound sentences throughout
o Correct use of mature, elevated vocabulary
o Excellent readability; unobtrusive errors
o In-text citation properly formatted including
all punctuation
o Few errors in punctuation, capitalization and
spelling; some noticeable usage errors
o Occasional use of sentence variety; a few
complex, compound sentences throughout
o Correct use of vocabulary
o Good readability; a few noticeable errors
o In-text citation may contain a few errors, but
mostly correct throughout
o Incorrect MLA documentation format
o Citations do not match Works Cited
o Cited research inappropriate or irrelevant
o Fewer than 5 sources
o No interview
o Internet sources are not acceptable sources ----with irrelevant and inaccurate information. ----These sites include but are not limited to--------Wikipedia, ask.com, buzzle, ehow etc…
o 6+ errors on 2+ pages, including
capitalization, punctuation, spelling and
o 2+ fragments and/or run-ons on 2+ pages
o Consistent misuse of vocabulary, including
first person (I/you/we/our) more than once
o Lacks readability; difficult to understand
o In-text citation is incorrectly formatted
o Errors in punctuation, capitalization, spelling
or usage (4-5 different errors per page)
o Little or no sentence variety; simple
sentences throughout
o Correct use of simple vocabulary
o Adequate readability; communicates with
consistent noticeable errors
o In-text citation have multiple but consistent
A “1” in any column earns an automatic NOT YET. The English teacher’s grade stands and/or improves ONLY when the Master Draft is successfully completed.