Punctuation in Paragraphs - Charles Darwin Community Primary

In class we have been working on our
punctuation in sentences and paragraphs.
Here is an example of some of the
paragraphs we have been working on.
If you would like to have a go at home that
would be great and let me know how you
get on when you come into school!
one sunny day in july mrs brown decided to take her
family for a picnic in the woods at delamere she made a
big pile of sandwiches and put them in a plastic box colin
packed some cans of coca cola for the children to drink
mr brown made a flask of coffee for himself and his wife
tom filled a tin with biscuits and tiny cakes sarah put
oranges plums apples and bananas into a bag when the
food was ready they packed it in the boot of the car and
set off for delamere forest
Someone has started a story and forgotten to use
capital letters and full stops. Copy the story out
and make sure you put all the capital letters,
commas and full stops in the right place.
the door opened and i found myself in a strange
world everything was so different from the world I
had just left it was quiet there were no birds
singing, no bees buzzing suddenly i saw
something move behind a tree just in front of me i
was scared stiff what could it be was it an animal
was it a person i decided that the only way to find
out was to call hello and go and look …..
Now finish the story. Make sure you write in