Mutations - The Science of Survival

Mutations- The science of survival
Answer the questions below as you watch the video. It does a great job of illustrating the importance of
mutations and why we care so much about them.
Can’t get enough or want to review? Here the link to the video:
1) When there is a change in the recipe for an organisms that results in an altered or damage gene it is
called a __________________________.
2) How many conjoined twins, on average, are still born? Meaning they are already deceased when they
are born.
3) Do scientists believe that conjoined twins are caused by mutations? Or do they think it’s some sort of
combination of factors?
4) How often do mutations occur? Why can’t we always see them?
5) When our cells get ready to divide, what must they do with the DNA located inside their nucleus?
6) What type of enzymes fix mutations that occur in a living things cells? What happens when they fail to
catch a mutation?
7) What type of cells result in the inheritance of mutations to offspring?
8) Are mutations that are passed on to generations always harmful?
9) What protein in lacking or barely produced at all in albino organisms?
10) What was special about the 1% that survived the plague? How did the human population of people with
their mutation go from 1% to 10% years later?