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Mutation: The Science of Survival
1. What is a mutation?
2. Are mutations always noticeable?
3. What do proof-reading enzymes do?
4. Albinism is caused by a mutation. Describe albinism.
5. What would happen without mutations?
6. Explain lactose intolerance.
7. Who was Charles Darwin and how did he study mutations?
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8. Describe how humans have used selective breeding.
9. List 3 mutagens that can cause damage to our DNA.
10. Describe some of the effects of the atomic bomb and nuclear radiation.
11. Why are fruit flies so important to genetic research?
12. What did Thomas Hunt Morgan discover?
13. Why are mice quickly becoming the superheroes of genetic research?
14. Scientists are finding the mutations in many genes can contribute to a
____________ disease.
15. What is cancer?