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3 September 2014
Dear Parents and Carers
I would like to wish all of our children and families a warm welcome back on behalf of all the staff
and I hope that you have enjoyed the Summer holidays. We certainly had weather that meant we
could all make the most of the outdoors. A special welcome is made to all our new families that are
joining our Hinton School family.
The anticipation and excitement at the beginning of September makes this part of the school year
such a special time. This Autumn term is especially significant for me as I have been given the great privilege of being your
Headteacher as part of our collaboration arrangements with Greenfylde School. As I hope you already know, I will be with
you on Mondays and Thursdays - similar to the arrangement with Mr Jeffery last year. On the days that I am not at Hinton,
Mrs Stradling will continue to have oversight of the School as Senior teacher. Our links with Greenfylde School will ensure
Hinton School has access to another learning community which we can work with closely. On Monday this week all the staff
from both schools came together to work as part of a very successful joint Inset day.
I want to thank all of you who have made me feel so welcome at Hinton and I look forward to getting to know you all over
the next few weeks. I am passionate about learning and believe that our children need to have access to a wide range of
learning experiences to help them reach their full potential. I am looking forward to further promoting your strong tradition
of high academic achievements, sporting excellence and a wide range of arts experiences. We have also been working hard
over the last few months to develop a brand new curriculum plan to meet the new requirements of the 2014 National
Curriculum. It is such a pleasure to guide students at the beginning of their learning journeys, a journey
which continues right through our lives. ‘What Makes a Good Learner’ and ‘Everyone is a Learner’ are
themes we are going to explore this year. We are all still learning and I’m particularly looking forward to
learning the piano with my daughter Harriet this academic year (wish me luck – I will keep you posted).
All of us at Hinton want your child to be happy and thrive at school and so please remember we have an open door policy
here. We will always try to be available to listen so please come and speak to me or Mrs Stradling if you have any questions
or concerns. We will continue to offer regular parent forum meetings for you to share your views so look out for our first
meeting of the school year at the end of September.
Once again may I wish all of our school community a very successful and happy year and I look forward to working with you
You will have noticed that the classes have changed names for the next academic year.
Reception and Year 1 children are now based in Woodpecker Class and Years 2, 3 and 4 are
based in Kingfisher Class. As a staff we felt it was important to adapt the names, especially for
those children moving back into a classroom they have previously been taught in. We hope this
does not confuse you too much.
Please ensure you complete, sign and return the attached 2 consent letters (except Reception children who have already
done theirs).
On Friday afternoon we have Champion Music coming in to school to demonstrate the variety of musical
instruments available for your child to learn with the tutors that could teach your children at school. The
children are already familiar with Mr Simon Champion, who teaches recorder and vocal lessons as well as Mr
Stuart Clarke who teaches guitar. Champion Music also have 2 new teachers which will mean that they now
offer the opportunities for your child to learn guitar, violin, piano, recorder or singing tuition. If you would like
to know more about Champion Music and what they can offer your child, please join us in school on Friday afternoon at
2.30pm. All parents are welcome although lessons are aimed at Yr1, 2, 3 and 4 children. We look forward to seeing as
many of you as possible.
We hope you will support us by helping children to attend school as much as possible and please
remember to inform us as promptly if your child is going to be absent.
I would like also like to remind you that the arrangements for unauthorised attendance which includes
holidays in term time has changed. From now on the Crewkerne and Ilminster cluster of schools will be following the
government guidelines and supporting the LA as follows:
Where a child has 10 or more unauthorised absences (each half day counts as 1, so a whole day is 2 absences) in a 12 week
period, the parent(s) will be served with a Warning Penalty Notice. Children who receive a notice will be expected to attend
school for a given number of weeks without any further absences - otherwise a penalty fine will be incurred. Where a penalty
warning notice is issued any illness absences must be accompanied by some sort of medical evidence: appointment card,
prescription certificate, doctor’s note.
Where a child is removed from school during term-time for 10 or more sessions, the parents will be served with a Penalty
Notice. This means that the parent(s) will be liable to pay a fine of £60 per child, per parent. For example, two parents
taking two children out of school for one week or more, would be fined £240.
The school will regularly liaise with the Education Attendance Officer and the Local Authority (LA). It will be the LA who
impose the Notices and collect the fines. Children who are absent from school with illness for a week or more will not be
fined but will be expected to produce some medical evidence as above.
There may be exceptional circumstances where leave may be granted and a request for this may be put in writing to your
child’s school. Where a family’s children attend more than one school then these circumstances will be discussed with the
other school. Additional evidence may be asked for.
As always we will endeavour to provide a large range of clubs for your children to experience over the next term. We will be
working on this provision over the next couple of weeks and will hopefully have a range of opportunities for the children to
start on the week beginning 15th September.
We have been asked to remind parents that this finishes on Saturday 13 September. Please let the library
know if your child has finished their 6 books. Jackie from the library will come in to school at the beginning
of October to award the certificates.
SWIMMING – Please see the attached letter for Year 2, 3 and 4 with more details. Swimming sessions
start next Wednesday 10 September.
This week is the first week of our new school lunches. In advance I would like to thank the work of Mrs
Catherine Wyatt, Mrs Jayne Cheffey, Mrs Sue Lewis and Miss Abigail Lawrence for their hard work in the
delivery of these to your children. Please make sure you know which days to send your child to school
ready for a school lunch or with their lunchbox if not. Please do not send your child in with a lunch box
if they are having a school lunch or school packed lunch.
The order form for the weeks beginning 15 and 22 September is attached to this letter. Please ensure you complete and
return it to school by Monday 8 September without fail. Thank you.
We are urgently looking for a Lunchtime Supervisor to work on Fridays from as soon as possible. The
role involves supervising the children at lunchtime and supporting the new school lunch arrangements.
Initially we are happy for a DBS cleared volunteer to do this work, but we do need to employ someone
to cover the vacancy eventually. If you are interested in volunteering or taking on the job as an
employee please make enquiries at the School office on how to apply.
Mrs Wendy Blades
We would like to give a very warm welcome to Wendy from our team and family at
Hinton School. I know you will join me in wishing Wendy the best of luck for her first
few days.
Mrs Lisa Goodland
As you are aware Mrs Goodland will be covering Mrs Stradling’s maternity leave. Many of you have met her already and will
be pleased to know that she was part of our INSET day on Monday. Mrs Goodland is booked in for 2 further transition days
to get to know Woodpecker Class and shadow Mrs Stradling which will provide another opportunity for you to meet her.
This will be on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd September.
We have an abundance of apples from our fruit trees at the school field (cookers and eaters). Do please
help yourselves rather than seeing them go to waste.
Monday 22nd September – Monthly church service with Rev. Hicks at 2.45pm
Monday 22nd September – Mrs Lisa Goodland in Woodpecker Class
Tuesday 23rd September – Mrs Lisa Goodland in Woodpecker Class
Monday 6th October – Harvest Festival at the church at 9.00am
Best wishes
Philip Smith

Newsletter 3 September 2014