The King of the Cats
1. The exhibition has lots of different birds in it.
How many can you find? List them here:
How many birds are there altogether?
2. There are also a variety of animals, how many can you find?
3. Find The King of the Cats, what is he made of?
4. Can you find Skriker? Why would you be frightened of him? Can you draw the dog, or
his shadow, or both?
5. What has the Tailor of Chatburn got in his apron pocket? Can you draw them? What
would he use them for?
6. If you had been given three wishes what would you wish for?
7. Locate the Earthenware Goose, what is a pitcher?
Draw the pitcher and the goose.
What do you notice?
8. Can you find a sieve in the exhibition? What part did it play in the story?
9. There is a glass display cabinet in the room. It has four shelves full of different items.
Why do you think it is there? Draw your favourite items.
10. Can you find the boggart? What name would you give him?
At night he climbs the ladder? Where is he going?
11. How many starlings are in the gallery? Where are they located?
Name the pieces of work they are in or on.
12. Look at the picture of The Boy with the Malady. What is a
13. In the gallery there are a number of sixpences.
Can you find them?
Where are they?
What are they?
Look at the head on the coin, who do you think it is?
14. Draw Silky.
15. Underneath Silky is a pail. What is a pail? What would you put in
a pail?
16. What is the Black Cock sitting on?
17. Find Old Sykes. Why has he got leather bags attached and what would go in them?
18. Find and draw The Messenger Cat.
The King of the Cats
How many birds can you find?
Can you draw them?
The King of the
See if you can
find the Boggart
Can you draw
the Boggart?
Can you write a
story about the
Boggart? Where
do you think he
lives? What do
you think he
does all day?
The King of the Cats
Can you give the cat a name?
What do you think the cat likes to eat and drink?
Can you colour the picture?

pr gallery activity worksheet