Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery Ellijah

Shrewsbury museum and art gallery
On Thursday 26th March, year 3 went to the Museum in Shrewsbury. We went to learn more
about the
and the
We put our coats on a peg and put our lunch box under our pegs. Then we went to the
They had a real mummy; they even had the jars for the body bits! It was really interesting.
Next we went to the
gallery. It had a royal bed which was very big. We could
even write our name with a quill. They had a really big weapon called a crossbow.
Then we went to the
gallery. They had a round house which had a thatched roof.
After lunch we went in a round house and a lady told us how the farmers lived. Then we went to
a work shop. We had a go at making a flint axe, it was very hard. Next we had a go at making
flour how Stone Age people did. You put the wheat on top of two round stones and then you had
to turn the stones and the wheat would go down and they would be crushed in to flour. It took a
long time and you got really messy!