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Chemistry 543
Exam Review Ch 2
Fill in the Blank
Word Bank
Match the term with the correct definition.
1. Oxygen and Sulfur belong to the same __________ on the
periodic table.
2. A mixture where particles are not distributed evenly
throughout is a/an _________________ mixture.
3. In a solution of water and sugar, the sugar is considered
the ________.
4. Oil and vinegar are a considered a ____________ of substances.
5. The number 6.02 x 10 is also known as ___________________.
6. The amount of mass per volume of a solution is known as the
7. A unit of measure used to measure large amounts of atoms
is the ___________.
8. A change where the formula of the compound changes
is a ________________ change.
9. Density is an example of a ____________ property.
Short Answer
1. What are 3 physical properties of matter?
2. What are 2 chemical properties of matter?
3. What are the 4 signs that a chemical change has occurred?
4. What is the difference between a physical and a chemical change?
5. Identify the flowing changes as physical or chemical:
a. Toasting bread
b. Melting ice
c. Dissolving salt in water
d. Iron rusting
e. Digesting food
6. Identify the following properties as chemical or physical:
a. Density
b. Flammable
c. Reacts with water
d. Color
e. Melting point
7. Using the Periodic table below, identify the following families using their group number:
a. Alkali Metals
b. Alkaline Earth Metals
c. Noble Gases
d. Halogens
e. Lanthanides
f. Actinides
8. Find Mg on the periodic table above…
a. What period is it in?
b. What group is it in?
c. What’s its atomic number? Atomic Mass?
9. The mole is sometimes referred to as the “chemists dozen.” Explain why the mole is useful to a chemist.
10. Write the formula mass of the following compounds
a. CO2
b. C6H12O6
c. H2SO4
d. NaCl
11. The formula mass for Methane (CH4) is written as 16 g/mole. Is this correct? Why?
12. A chemist needs 22 grams of phenol (C6H5OH) for and experiment. How many moles is this?
13. A student needs 0.015 moles of iodine crystals (I2) for an experiment. What mass of iodine crystals
should the student obtain?
14. CRITICAL THINKING: What is the total number of moles in a jar that contains 2.41 x 1024 atoms of
chromium, 1.51 x1023 atoms of nickel and 3.01 x 1023 atoms of copper?
15. Calculate the mass of one gold atom in grams.
16. How many grams of NaCl do you need if you want to make a 700mL solution with a concentration of 23
17. What is the % concentration of a solution made with 25 grams CuCl2 and a total mass of 185 grams?
18. How many grams of MgCl2 are present in 60.0 mL of a 0.10 M MgCl2 solution?
19. Name or give the symbol for the following elements, acids and ions:
a. Sodium
f. P
b. Carbonate
g. H2SO4
c. Hydrochloric acid
h. NO3-
d. Iron
i. MnO4-
e. Sulfur
j. K